Linnanmäki – Digital amusement park experience

Linnanmäki is the most popular amusement park in Finland with the largest selection of rides and games. The Children’s Day Foundation maintains and develops the amusement park with the aim to collect funds for Finnish child welfare work.

Linnanmäki experience outside the actual visit to the amusement park

The Children’s Day Foundation wanted to extend the Linnanmäki experience outside the actual visit to the amusement park. Visiting the web site should feel exciting and be targeted at different customer groups. The majority of the visitors come from outside the Helsinki capital region and Finland, thus the new web site aims to make Linnanmäki better known abroad.

Web site renewal & e-commerce

Boosting ticket sales

Linnanmäki boosted their online ticket sales significantly, exceeding the initial targets when the site and shop was launched.

The key goal of the site was to share information about the offering, events, and ongoing campaigns at Linnanmäki. The web shop must be an integral part of the site to increase online ticket sales. Overall, the web needs to have an increasing role in sales and marketing to help Linnanmäki reach its goals.

Separate night and day themes reflect the opening hours and seasons of the amusement park

The project was started with a concept design phase, followed by creating the structure and visuals of the service. Initially separate night and day themes were designed and implemented to reflect the opening hours and seasons of the amusement park. In the spring of 2015 a redesign project was started with the goal to reflect the new Linnanmäki brand image also on the website.

We implemented the site with Drupal open source web content management system, using Drupal Commerce e-commerce features to build the web shop. Responsive design allows customers to visit the site using any type of device. The site supports several languages to cater to visitors from abroad. We also integrated the site with the Paytrail payment service, and with the internal sales and accounting systems of Linnanmäki.

Exceeding initial targets with ticket sales

Initial schedule, which was very tight, was met and the first version of the site was launched in time. Additional features such as sales agent support were added after that.

Since the launch of the new web site and shop, the ticket sales through the web have increased significantly, exceeding the initial targets.

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