Gredi Content HUB intelligently manages all your digital assets and information throughout the lifecycle of your brands. Digital marketing logistics based on artificial intelligence and automation guide and assist in the management and utilization of assets. You conveniently upload your files to Content HUB, where you can search, find, edit, share, and archive them. Everything is available in a secure Finnish cloud service.

Content HUB helps you to:

  • Store, preserve, search, and share electronic assets (images, advertising materials, product and metadata, documents, video and audio files).

  • Produce brand-controlled material in the right format for different channels without layout and image editing expertise.

  • Manage content from one place and ensure that the material is up-to-date for both internal and external needs.

  • Personalize dynamic templates for example to invitations, digital displays, brochures, business cards, and posters.

  • Create different versions for various publishing channels, formats (e.g., PDF, JPEG), and color spaces (RGB, CMYK) from the same source material.

  • Integrate images directly into other systems, such as the company’s online store.

  • We not only provide software but also offer our expertise and are ready to step up whenever needed.

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Content HUB offers measurable benefits:

Digital asset management controls costs and reduces the time and duplicate work in marketing. In addition to direct savings, Gredi Content HUB increases your profits as marketing and sales accelerate, your staff’s time is freed up for productive work, your brand appears consistent, and your sales and partner network has access to up-to-date materials.

When to consider Gredi Content HUB:

The larger your volume of assets, the more important asset management becomes. We work with you to plan a clear management structure that meets your company’s needs and takes into account different user groups. This ensures that your service is user-friendly, and all your assets can be easily found in one place with a quick search engine. Additionally, we help you build the necessary integrations for your business needs and provide support as your service usage and needs evolve.

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