Publishing automation enables fast, high-quality, and flexible content management across various publishing channels. This solution elevates traditional publishing to a new level by seamlessly integrating content production systems into one cohesive process, significantly increasing efficiency. With our solution, you can easily manage multichannel publishing, whether it’s a digital or print publication process.

Publishing automation helps you:

  • To automate layout work for product catalogs, advertisement leaflets, brochures, price lists, and campaign materials.

  • Publishing automation always automatically checks the entire publication content and compares it with the source data. If there are discrepancies, the service notifies you, and the publication data can be synchronized with the source.

  • Implementing publications in accordance with the brand image.

Benefits of publishing automation

Publishing automation ensures that information is always up-to-date when publishing. Changes in data sources (PDF, PIM, ERP, MDM, DAM, Excel) are automatically updated in the publication, reducing the possibility of human errors. Utilizing publication automation saves time and produces error-free, brand-controlled results quickly and easily. With this solution, marketing can efficiently produce even larger publications, productivity increases, and resources are freed up for other tasks.

Through the solution, we implement, among other things:

  • Product catalogs

  • Price lists

  • Brochures

  • Quotation forms

  • Presentations

  • Digital publications

How can we help you?

We can produce publications fully automated or through what is called semi-automation, for both digital and print materials.

If needed, we handle the entire publication project from start to finish or just a part of it. Our comprehensive service includes basic planning, graphic design, text editing, and production.

If required, we act as the client’s own design and production resource, executing recurring publications flexibly and cost-effectively.

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