PIM (Product Information Management) is a centralized management system supporting sales and marketing with product information. It gathers all product data in one place, where it can be enriched and automatically distributed to channels such as websites, online stores, and customer systems.

Benefits of PIM

The PIM system allows you to centralize product data management and creation processes in one place. It also facilitates the enrichment of product data within a single system, from which the information can be automatically distributed to all necessary channels. PIM eliminates the need for using Excel spreadsheets for data transfer, reduces manual data entry from one system to another, and minimizes the risk of human errors in handling product data. With PIM, you enhance the quality of product information and ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels. Additionally, PIM enables various automated workflows to create product data in all necessary systems. This ensures that accurate and up-to-date information is always available where needed.

Let us help you with the following:

  • Defining the PIM system and creating a detailed project plan

  • Implementing the PIM system and integrating it into necessary systems (ERP, CRM, Synkka)

  • Customizing the PIM system to fit your specific business needs

  • Maintaining and further developing the PIM system

Who should consider a PIM solution?

  • Businesses with multi-channel product sales

  • Businesses with a large number of products

  • Businesses with an extensive reseller network

  • Businesses with growing or international sales requiring a centralized process for product data management

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