Exove Sustainability Compass showing the way to sustainable future

We have created our own sustainability program – Sustainability Compass – which leads our actions both internally and externally.

We want to lead the way on our field and improve the sustainability of our projects by creating and implementing guidelines for social and environmental sustainability.

Our sustainability compass has four directions

These four directions cover our impact over people and planet, with our clients and internally.


Sustainable web design and development


Social sustainability


Environmental sustainability


Responsible company governance

Sustainable web design & development

Sustainable web design and development covers the ways of working in client projects as well as the actual web services produced as a result. We want to cover both social and environmental aspects in our processes and outcome, and lead the way in the sustainable ICT world.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability covers best practices in diversity and inclusion. In our field, accessibility in digital services is a means of offering them to everyone, and thus we feel it deserves its own category.
Exove has a societal responsibility as well, which we gladly answer through training future talent and supporting and collaborating with such agencies (e.g. Plan, UN Women etc.)

Environmental sustainability

Exove’s environmental impact consists of universal topics identified as the most important battles: carbon footprint, circular economy and biodiversity. We want to take actions based on science and “walk the talk” as a company. We will start to offer sustainable choices as a default, whether it comes to food in our events or hosting our services. Also, we will put in place practices that help employees make sustainable choices.

Create an impact through meaningful collaborations

Exove is a part of the Green ICT ecosystem

The Green ICT project builds climate-consciousness in IT and accelerates the development and adoption of low-carbon digital services in the Helsinki-Uusimaa region of Finland. Our Sustainability Lead Anna Savisaari participated in a webinar in 2021 discussing sustainability in the design process.

Get to know the Green ICT project on the project website.

Responsible company governance

We want our culture to support and create willingness to change.
New occupational health care provider and deal will improve the support exovians can get in their daily life. New career model is introduced in early 2022, and will affect salary transparency, and finding a career path within the company.

Sustainability report 2022

The sustainability report was published 19.4.2023. The report summarizes the actions done in 2022 in order to make progress in each direction of the Sustainability Compass. At Exove we will continue sustainability reporting annually from this year onwards.