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DrupalCamp Nordics picks part 2 – Contributing to Drupal

This post is a part of a series of posts about DrupalCamp Nordics 2017, its sessions and ideas it brought up. You can find a recording of the session at

João Ventura’s introduction to Drupal contribution was a great talk on all the ways one can be part of developing Drupal. Besides the obvious one of developing and maintaining modules, one can contribute through a multitude of ways. Developing Drupal’s core is one of the more direct ways of contribution, but other less direct ways exist.

Drupal is used all around the world and thus there is need for dozens of languages. Drupal has an online interface that allows translating strings used around the system. Native and very proficient speakers of a language can provide their translations to the system, allowing the system to be more user friendly in more countries.

He also spoke about organizing events and meetings which also contribute to Drupal. By allowing people to meet, development ideas can be shared and a more tight-knit community created. These meetings can also provide an entry point for people who are interested in participating in the Drupal community.

Open source software relies heavily on the community developing it and companies like Exove, who use the software in their products and solutions, can be major players in developing these projects. Exove employs people with different backgrounds in programming. Some have extensive knowledge in open source software and some are just starting their careers in software development. By mixing the knowledge and the passion for learning within the company, they can provide a new window of opportunity to introduce and participate people to open source communities.

And talking about contributing, Exove hosted a Drupal code sprint at their Tampere office on June 17. We regularly commit to organising various open source events. At the sprint event, people from 4 different companies met over a common interest. We talked even about organising a meet-up without a direct goal of contributing anything other than to provide a platform for discussing Drupal and the various ways it can be used. Stay tuned!

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