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Service Design

Digging into the core of needs for your service

Service Design Process

Our objective is to provide the user the best possible digital experience. We have established a service design process that ensures that we deliver innovative but feasible solutions.


We begin by clearly identifying the client’s business challenge and carefully defining the end-user’s needs, expectations and motivations.

We apply a range of methods, such as observing and interviewing, to help our clients to understand their customers better.

Next we combine the findings by aligning the end user needs with the business objectives, and determine the focus areas that create value for both.


In the ideation phase we facilitate different brainstorming techniques to come up with multiple solutions. The ideas and different approaches are then combined into a concept.

The concept creation ideally happens in co-creation workshops with clients and users, teams ideally consisting of people representing multiple point of views.


In the concept validation phase prototypes are tested with the real end users. The different approaches are evaluated and finally chosen according to the feedback.


During the implementation process, our designers work in close co-operation with the technical development team to ensure best possible quality and user experience.


After the launch our experts analyse how the service performs and make necessary improvements. the best results are achieved when we work closely with our clients, applying an iterative development cycle.

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