Data-driven development at Loiste

Loiste Oy is an innovative and ambitious Finnish energy company. They have over 200.000 customers across Finland, whom they aim to serve better through new, value-adding products and services.

During the spring of 2019, together with Loiste, we decided to set up a process for data-driven development to better understand user experiences and behaviour online. The main goals were to increase conversions and improve the user experience.

We started off with a base report which describes the current state of the site and user activity. This initial report gives us a basic understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and makes it possible for us to measure the impact of the data-driven development process over time. This is crucial as it can help determine if we are doing the right things at the right time.

Data-driven development

Understanding customers better

Focus on improving the user experience and analysing customer behaviour has increased Loiste’s sales and conversions through the digital channels.

In connection with the kick-off Loiste determined what their main targets are for the site. The goals determine what we focus our efforts on and what we aim to achieve.

Development of the site is made easy with enhanced understanding of customer behaviour

With this new data-driven process Loiste got actionable data and an enhanced understanding of how their customers behave. It also gives them valuable insight of e.g. user’s interest in products, patterns of behaviour and bottlenecks in the site.

Loiste is able to use this process internally and involve Exove in a need to basis. There is no longer a need to trust the gut feeling when developing their site, instead analysis and ideation is based on reliable customer data.

Parempi Arki service channel

With the introduction of new services and products Loiste aims to increase value to new and existing customers. With this data-driven process the main goals were to a) increase conversions and b) improve the user experience. To begin with, a decision was made to focus our analysis and efforts on their Parempi Arki-concept.

For this process we mainly used Hotjar and Google Analytics to analyze user behaviour on site. We met with Loiste once a month, where the analytics report (based on the last month) laid the foundation for the discussion and ideation. In these meetings we analyzed which actions from last month worked and which did not and decided on actions to take during the next month to reach our goals.

In our reports we collected a large variety of data, including; user segments and traffic, interest in products and packages, user paths, bounce rates, conversions and a lot more.

Both short and long-term benefits are expected

It has only been a few months since we started this project, but we have already gained valuable insight on what user’s interests are and how they behave online.

In short term, this will improve the user’s online experience and hopefully increase sales. In long term and in a larger scale, this process will help Loiste grow their business and save money by directing their future investments based on verified data.

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