Exove’s cloud-based data and integration platform combines the complex and slow interfaces of the underlying applications into a fast and logical package. The integration platform allows access to interfaces both internally and optionally to other stakeholders.

Benefits of the integration platform

Access and key management. Versatile access levels allow for excellent security and GDPR compliance.

Ready-made adapters for the most common systems and integration technologies.

Customisation for different architectures and systems.

Robust horizontal scalability. Caching of interfaces to speed up and protect slower background systems from excessive traffic.

Who does the integration platform serve?

The integration platform serves companies and organizations that are already using many different systems and interfaces. In our experience, a medium sized company has around 100 different systems, and the effective integration of these systems improves overall management, security and scalability.

Technologies behind the integration platform

Integration platforms are built as cloud-native microservices on a public cloud service of your choice, such as:

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

How are integration platforms implemented at Exove?

Exove always builds integration platforms as a tailored solution for your needs. We start by sitting down together to discuss and define your needs. Depending on the case, we might also need to involve your IT department and system supplier to get an overview of your situation and needs. After we have a clear picture of your needs and future plans, we can start the implementation work.

If you have integration needs, feel free to contact us and we’ll work together to find the best solution for you 😎