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Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Your digital marketing channels are the most important tool for reaching your customers. That’s why it pays off to invest in digital marketing, and especially to your digital presence in form of web content management, e-commerce, and social media.

We help you to meet your clients in the digital space using the right channels to bring leads and improve your customers’ brand loyalty.

Our design process is based on service design principles, and it includes defining the concept, creating the visuals, and planning the user interface together with you. We are also able to continue from designs provided by you or your vendor.

To fully realise your marketing potential, we develop a platform that is easy and quick to use and administrate, as well as flexible to develop.

We provide you with the open source web content management system that best fits your digital marketing needs. The platform is designed and delivered to be open and flexible, allowing you to serve your customers not only just now but also in the future. To widen your reach, we integrate digital services to relevant social media, marketing automation, and other channels.

We work with open technologies and constantly keep up with the development in the content management landscape. Our current selection of content management systems is Drupal, WordPress, and eZ Publish.

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