Eerikkilä – Grown sales through improved web shop

Eerikkilä focuses on the advancement of health and fitness in Finland and on offering training centre services specifically for football and floorball aficionados. In addition to this, the Sports Institute trains sports professionals and wilderness guides.

The Sami Hyypiä Academy founded in 2011 is located at Eerikkilä and is the spiritual home of Finnish football training, research and development. It is dedicated to the development of football activities from childhood to adulthood in accordance with top-level sport requirements. The Floorball Academy, founded in 2015, provides the same for floorball.

Website renewal

Appealing website with great functionalities

Eerikkilä did not only get visually appealing website but also a service that increased their sales.

New, contemporary visual image and better responsivity

The goal for renewing the Eerikkilä website was to give the site a new, contemporary visual image and allow the site to cater to users with mobile devices. In addition to the visuals the content management needed to be simple yet give Eerikkilä the possibility to make bespoke pages themselves. Search engine optimization was one important goal as well as increasing displaying different social media channels in a prominent way.

For the web shop several improvements to the previous system were needed. In order for businesses to make purchases, the taxation needed to be calculated precisely and displayed for each order. Furthermore, there needed to be the possibility to purchase the same product in different price categories in the same order. The customer data was to be stored and transferred to a booking system while also being stored on the site in a customer registry for marketing purposes.

Clear and simple page building by using WordPress Enfold theme

Exove designed and implemented the Eerikkilä.fi website using WordPress and agile methodologies. Using Enfold as a base theme provided clear and simple page building using various components. The components were styled by Exove to make them fit the new visual image of Eerikkilä. A few custom post types were set up in order to deliver some of the more specific requests. The option to cross-link across the website in multiple places will help to improve search engine rankings and the social media on the front page seamlessly integrates the Eerikkilä social media presence.

The shop was implemented using the WooCommerce add-on with Paytrail acting as the payment provider. Custom features developed by Exove include the ability to add personal information of the participants to each order and manage it easily in WordPress. Transfering the data to the booking system and the customer registry are also functionalities built specifically for this project. To further improve the customer registry an import from the old system was set up together with the ability to export the contacts based on customer groups.

Eerikkilä website

Improvements in sales through new web shop

The Eerikkilä.fi website now has a fresh look and the ease of content input has provided the tools necessary to build pages and news quickly. This makes the website contemporary and a hub of information which will provide increased traffic. With both the website and the shop being responsive they also serve the growing number of mobile device users. Most notably, the improvements made to the shop give businesses the ability to purchases through the web, and sales have grown when comparing to the previous system.

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