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GDPR – EU General Data Protection Regulation

  • GDPR - What is it all about?


    GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

    What is it: Effort to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union. 

    Why critical: Fines up to 20.000.000 EUR

    Concerns: Everyone

    Deadline: 25th May 2018

    When to react: Yesterday

GDPR Compliancy with Exove

  • Gap Analysis by Exove and Bird & Bird

    Gap analysis focuses on understanding the current state of the company with regards to GDPR compliance.

    • Bird & Bird asks the juridical questions and Exove focuses on ICT. The questionnaires are sent typically to people responsible for ICT, HR, legal and business.
    • We study the results and write an analysis of the situation
    • We organise a three hour workshop with the key people of the client
    • OPTION: The report is gone through with the client and the situation is assessed to understand how the client will reach legally and technically required compliant state.




  • Two Way Solution

    The work is split into two parts:

    • Gap analysis – understanding your current position and the gap towards the compliance by structured and tailored interviews, workshop and gap analysis.
    • Compliance program – a complete undertaking to ensure GDPR compliance in your company.
  • Compliance Program

    Bird & Bird and Exove plan and execute a complete compliance program together with the client, based on the gap analysis findings, industry of the client, and assessed risks.

    The program includes changes to processes, documentation, technology, UX, and contracts. The depth of the work is to be agreed on case by case basis.

    Next step: Execution of Compliance Program

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