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Turbocharging Drupal Syndication with Node.js, Slides Available

Our Technology Director Kalle Varisvirta had a full room of people seeing how to turbocharge Drupal syndication with Node.js. The slides are now available on our SlideShare channel and also in this entry.

In this presentation we’ll show a real-world case, where Drupal’s content is optimized and indexed to MongoDB and then delivered out in JSON with astonishing speeds with a very simple Node.JS layer.

The setup serves most of the video content to Finland’s biggest media corporation, Sanoma. It’s the sole source of video content to their online TV service,

The same setup could be used for serving as a backend for high-volume Javascript applications, replicating a lot of content around the world or optimizing the UX of a Drupal site by adding super-fast asynchronous APIs.

The presentation can be seen also on YouTube (slides + audio)

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