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Raymond Wins Three Awards in GrandOne and Edit

Raymond, the customer magazine published by RAY – Finland’s Slot Machine Association – has been awarded with three prices in two competitions late yesterday evening. won The Digital Solution of the Year and The Article of the Year in Customer Magazine in Edit, and The Best Design in Grand One 2015.

Exove Design has designed and implemented together with A-Lehdet Dialogi, Esmes Digital and the client RAY. The magazine has very high production values for both the design and the content. Our goal was to retain the visual elegance and impact of the print magazine, but at the same time create the best possible digital experience for readers on mobile or tablet.

“As proven by the awards, good content is truly valuable also in digital publications. And when combined with an excellent digital design, the effect of content is amplified tenfold – keeping the readers engaged and entertained.”, says Aki-Ville Pöykiö, Design Director and Partner in Exove Design.

“When building the concept and the content for the online version of Raymond we moved systematically towards our ambitious goal. We wanted to show that we can create something unique and forward-thinking, a truly mobile-first digital version of the magazine. We also wanted to do something that sets itself apart from traditional solutions. With the right team everything just clicked for Raymond.” says Tero Salonen, project head at RAY and editor in chief of Raymond.

“It was one of the most ambitious projects ever.”, says Topias Dean, Designer at Exove Design, and responsible for the style and user experience of the site, “We got lots of creative freedom from RAY to create the best possible digital magazine experience, and we worked hard to explore the possibilities the digital platforms provide. And we succeeded in creating something new that is both beautiful and functional.”

About Exove Design
Exove Design is a design agency specialising in digital services. We create solutions based on the best possible customer experience and help you to grow your digital business.

About RAY and Raymond
RAY, Finland’s Slot Machine Association, offers games all around Finland and online. The profits from the games are channelled back to society to promote the wellbeing of everyone. For more information, visit

Raymond is RAY’s award-winning customer magazine, that features stories on the world of gaming from many different perspectives, offering an entertaining and ambitious take on the matter. For more information, visit

About GrandOne
GrandOne is the Finland’s biggest and most prestige competition for digital marketing and communication.  It has 17 categories, from best campaigns to best UX and best design. For more information, visit

About Edit
Edit competition is an annual competition organized by Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association. It has 15 categories, from content to layout and digital solutions. For more information, visit and

For more information, contact:
Exove Design, Design Director Aki-Ville Pöykiö +358 40 591 7871
RAY, Raymond, Head of project and Editor in Chief Tero Salonen, +358 40 505 4093
A-lehdet Dialogi, Creative Director Jesper Vuori, +358 50 378 6102

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