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Queens of Tech

Imagine a world only with men. And then, only with women. Now imagine, industries with only men or women. Services build by only men or women. Products made by only men or women. How different would it be?

Originally, International Women’s Day was called International Working Women’s Day. Even though now more and more women are working in industries that traditionally have been predominantly male, we still have a long way to go before closing the gender gap. But why are there only few women working in these industries? The real problem seems to be lack of interest and unconsciousness about the career opportunities. But this means we are losing huge amounts of potential. To fight these deeply-rooted cultural ideas of “male industries” and “female industries”, we need to take concrete actions. Encouraging girls to study technology and organizing coding schools for girls, as many companies do, are steps towards the right direction.

We asked some of our talented ladies what it means for them to be women in tech:

“When I went to University to study “interactive technology” I met tons of smart and lovely ladies. I think women in tech has ever since meant excellence, smartness and capable people.”

Taina, Service designer

“I don’t think that gender defines what we can or cannot do. Acknowledging the skills and the passion is way more important than what we are wearing. To create a service, we need to understand the users, and how could we understand if we only see the half? We need both bodies and minds to create a life, and it’s about time to realise that in fact, that is what we need everywhere in the world, in tech too – both women and men.”

Jenni, Sales coordinator

“Being a woman in the technological industry I have encountered many different kinds of people and prejudice during my career. For example, I have been told when approaching a tech company that “we only have technical jobs available”, which at the time made me question my career choice for a while or at least if I’d be taken seriously. I didn’t want to have to be the underdog that would have to prove herself constantly to others. That’s why I’m so glad that I eventually found a place where my skills and motivation were appreciated. Since then I’ve come a long way and at Exove I feel like part of the gang.”

Mikaela, developer

“For me tech is not just coding or building big machines. It’s more about understanding others, fulfilling user needs and also bringing empathy back to the table. The line between physical and digital worlds is just purely fascinating to me. How do these worlds blend into each other and where is the limit of it? I do want to be part of the people imaging and designing the world for all of us.”

Heidi, Service designer

To these words, we wish happy and equal Women’s Day for everyone!

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