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Our Picks from DrupalCon Prague

DrupalCon Prague is now over and we collected our notes after everyone got back to the office. Here are our favourites among the sessions.

Joonas From, Developer:
Aphorisms of API Design, by Larry Garfield – Lots of good tips and tricks about software development in general, spiced up with a good amount of humour.

Twig, a templating system for web designers, by Fabien Potencier – Advanced Twig usage by introducing complex template folder structures and most common pitfalls.

Building Really Fast Websites with Drupal 8, by Wim Leers – A glimpse to Drupal 8’s way of dealing with user customised content and anonymous HTML, sharing similar principles to our own Cache control.

Hans Govind, Developer:
My Drupal project is rich: have fun and save money!, by Violaine Meneux – Sharing tips and their experience on how to maintain a healthy project life cycle.

Bach to the future: How Drupal enables and inspires innovation in music, by Robert Douglass – Showing how using Drupal to make music open source is possible via online collaboration, editing, and annotations. Also had the privilege to see Kimiko Ishizaka perform Bach on her Steinway grand piano.

Janne Kalliola, CEO:
Results-only Web Investments, by Jakob Persson – An eye-opening presentation about what really matters in the projects and why.

Using Agency Collaboration to Market Drupal and Grow the Pie, by Michel van Welde – Michel presented a cunning case from the Netherlands: local Drupal vendors are collaborating in marketing and PR through a non-profit organisation.

Janne Salo, Senior Developer:
Building Really Fast Websites with Drupal 8, by Wim Leers – It was great to see how Drupal 8 makes it a lot easier to build high-performance sites.

Aphorisms of API Design, by Larry Garfield – What every (not just Drupal) developer should know, presented in a very enthusiastic manner.

The session videos are available on the session pages.

Crave for More?
We are hosting Drupal Café on Tuesday October 8th from 16.00 to 18.00 on our premises at Itämerenkatu 1. Erno Kaikkonen from Nelonen Media will give a short wrap-up about the most important items in DrupalCon from a content owner perspective. The Café is free for everyone, and you need to enroll to make sure that we have enough refreshments.

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