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Organising DrupalCamp Baltics 2015

This year’s DrupalCamp Baltics was held yesterday in Tallinn, Estonia. Exove had the opportunity to be both a co-organiser and gold sponsor for the camp, and I was part of the organising committee.

Planning started already early this year when the leaders of Estonian Drupal companies – me from Exove, Ivo Nellis from Fenomen, and Merle Randlepp from Wunderkraut – got together to discuss the date and the location of the camp. We soon invited also Toomas Pippar from Mild Creative to work on the brand and visuals for the camp – and thanks to Toomas, the camp was top-notch visually.

As everything in Estonia, things happened as we planned and so we could keep a steady pace in securing space – again Hotel Euroopa, central location next to harbour, so it is easily accessible for Finns and Swedes coming with ferries – sponsors and speakers.

The amount of support from the local and Finnish Drupal and hosting companies was astounding. Due to bigger than expected amount of sponsors, we could offer lunch with reduced price and also serve beer at the end of the camp.

The speaker line-up was excellent and very international, we had speakers from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden, Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands. The keynote by Kaspar Korjus about Estonian e-Residency provoked a lot of thoughts and discussion. Never before a country has extended its residency to Internet. For Estonia, a country with little natural resources and small people, this could a truly unique way to grow their economy. It will interesting to see how the program unfolds. For more information, visit

I was in charge of the Development Track speaker assistance, so I saw only them – but Bart’s, Lauri’s, and Morten’s sessions were all of very high quality. Unfortunately I had some practical matters during afternoon, so I saw the rest of the sessions only partially. I was impressed by the thoroughness of Konstantin’s and Kate’s approach to REST API. For the full list of sessions, go to

Our sponsor booth looked fabulous and there was a good amount of people visiting it. We tested a game we’ve been developing for DrupalCon and it was very well received. More about the game in a few days, stay tuned. We were actively hiring during the camp and still are! We have numerous new positions open, check them out at I’d love to work with you.

Today the fun continues with sprints at Hotel Euroopa, guided by Mikael Kundert / Wunderkraut and Lauri Eskola / Druid. I’m writing this on a ferry back to Finland, as my son is participating in a hockey tournament in Kerava – and father needs to be where father needs to be. I am missing seeing the activity in Tallinn, but fortunately there will be more sprints during autumn in Helsinki.

See you all in DrupalCon Barcelona.

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