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The Hackeress – practical and friendly community for women in tech

Do you identify as a Hackeress, that is a woman who has skills for digital design and/or development?

Hackeress is a community for females that have skills for digital design and/or development. It’s a practical community, where girls and women have a possibility to get their hands dirty and network with their peers. Hackeress organizes two types of events: missions and sessions. Missions have presentations and guidance from successful women in digital field, sessions are more like get-togethers where hackeresses can code and design together. Like a sewing club for coders!

We at hackeress want to have an open community from women to women, from friend to friend, to have practical tools how to advance in their careers.


Hackeress Mission at Exove

Last month, on 25th of October, I had the honour to be the hostess of the second Hackeress mission ever. The mission was about building your portfolio, and we had two excellent speakers and a short portfolio building workshop.

Our first presenter, Tiina Romu (@tiinaromu) from Wunderdog, told us about contributing to open source and how to start doing it. According to Romu’s presentation, only 11% of contributors identify as women – now is our time to bring diversity to open source! Read how to get started here.

The second speech was delivered by Kirsta Jäntti (@kristatuulia), Reaktor. She gave valuable tips on what to include in a brilliant portfolio. Read Jäntti’s blog post here and take a look at her presentation slides here.

Future events

Got interested in the community? Join in our next events:

Hackeress, Session #2 29th November 2017

Informal get-together for working on our own projects and networking. For people who identify as hackeresses or have a drive to become ones. Our host Juuli tells her story and a bit about Sysart. Also support for getting started with Open Source contribution available. Read more and register on the FB event.

Hackeress Christmas special 12 December

Our host Marianne tells her story and a bit about Kisko Labs. We can hack our projects or just hook up with like-minded women, with or without tonttu beanie. Read more and register on the FB event.

Get more info and stay in the loop by liking and following the FB group!

If you are interested in Hackeress and help us create more events like this you can join the community by sending a request to FB Group Hackeress crew! Join here & and answer few questions how would you like to contribute.

Hope to see you there!

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