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From Drupal and WordPress to Node.js Café

As some of you probably know, every second Tuesday of each month we organize either WordPress or Drupal Café at our premises in Ruoholahti. There’s also been a couple of Concrete5 Cafés. For those who have never heard about this kind of café before: it’s a simple event that basically gathers together the people sharing the same interest. The cafés include one 20-30 minute keynote, and rest of the evening is dedicated to networking and having a few drinks. The event itself is very casual, there’s no dress code and no pressure of being an expert or even familiar with the topic. It’s enough that you are interested.

Originally these cafés were not our own invention. While visiting one of the open-source events in Europe, our CEO heard that an open-source company in Utrecht was organizing monthly cafés. At the beginning the events were held in their own premises but the success drove them finally to book an external venue for the event. That’s where he got the idea to bring the cafés to Helsinki as well. Our cafés haven’t boomed that big just yet, but the word about cafés is constantly spreading.

While in open-source the learning and evolving is pretty much based on sharing the knowledge, which is one of the main reasons behind hosting the cafés, there is more than that. In business world we speak about networking but perhaps in reality we are making new friends. At least that is what we have done. During the time of the cafés, we have met many amazing, interesting and talented people and some of them even have ended up working with us. We hope other attendees have had similar experiences.

Running the cafés successfully for 3 years has convinced us that there’s still room for another Café which leads us back to this moment. On December 7th we hosted the first Node.js Café in Helsinki together with Helnode meetup group and we were happy to see a great number of Node.js enthusiasts at the event. This is something we will definitely continue, hopefully with great success.

Next Café will be organised December 13th and it’s a Drupal Café. Mikael Kundert from Wunder will speak about making an international community driven event: DrupalCamp Baltics. Enroll on

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