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First Ever Agile CXO Held Today

Photo by Jussi Markula.

We hosted the very first Agile CXO event today at our office together with Agile Finland. The event collected the agile industry leaders to discuss on relevant topics related to agility and lean way of working. We had people from software companies, design agencies, and customers.

The event was organised using open space format and thus the participants created the agenda together. We discussed numerous topics, such as agile & strategy, contracts with agile, agile projects with the public sector, costs vs. value, multivendor agile teams, lean UX in practice, and so forth. The discussions were vivid, open, honest, and fruitful. It was exhilariting to see company leaders openly sharing the best practices with their peers, sometimes even with competitors.

All topics were documented in Google Drive in a group effort. The last part of the meeting was a wrap-up of all topics, lessons learned, and key take-aways from the day. Our favourites were “Make value visible” and “Have more faith in people”.

The participants were unanimous that we need to repeat the event in the near future. Thus, the next event will be organised on January 20th by Fake and Yle. Should you like to receive an invite, please contact Agile Finland chairman Jussi Markula.

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