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Drupal security update

Drupal security update PSA-2018-003: it’s all good now

Drupal announced on Monday that there will be a critical security release coming up on Wednesday, 25th April. This release was a follow-up to the one released in the end of March.

The criticality of the update meant that something bad could have happened to every website build on Drupal (versions 7.x, 8.4.x, and 8.5.x). It also meant that we needed to get ready for the release immediately to ensure that the sites of our clients were safe.

Don’t you worry about a thing

12 of our hardcore developers stayed at the office after their normal working day and made sure we’ll get the job done as soon as possible, and as imperceptibly as possible. And they stayed as long as the update was successfully done.

This kind of critical update always requires extra attention and quick reaction. It’s our job as service provider to make sure everything runs smoothly, and our clients won’t even notice that something is going on, unless we tell them – which we of course do.

Successful Drupal update DONE

So, it’s all good now. The security update was successfully done and all the sites hosted by us continue to rock the web – while our clients can relax and continue to sleep well at night.

We would like to thank good music and awesome colleagues for the energy boost – and especially our clients for trusting their sites in our hards.

Your security in our mind, now and tomorrow,
Exove Care

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