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A Dream Project

I’m standing at the exhibition stand, watching the queue for our presentation. It’s a Campus day for the University of Helsinki Faculty of Medicine: an introduction event for high-school students, some of whom will be future doctors. It’s pretty crowded around us compared to the other stands. “Interested in a VR tour inside of a cell?“ I ask another group of students walking by. “Sure!“ they say and join the queue.

While waiting to see our presentation, visitors can watch an AR-teaser of it: a 3D-model of cellular organisms projected upon the spectators, sitting down with their VR-goggles on, immersed in the presentation. On the other side of the stand Veijo Salo, a researcher at the University of Helsinki, is discussing his research with visitors who just saw our presentation and got carried away by it. Flow at the stand is good and the visitors seem to be impressed by our presentation.

Before I started my design studies, I was working as a researcher at University of Helsinki. So for me personally, this has been a dream project. Designing experiences for content I’ve studied and worked with before was interesting and convenient, since it was easy to communicate with the researchers at the university.

When I started working at Exove Design last fall, I was told that employees have the possibility to form their own job according to their interests and skills. Back then it sounded just like a phrase included in the company induction, but now I know what it really meant.

Because of my technical skills in video game design and development, I got a chance to work with designing VR experiences. Because of my professional background as a researcher, we ended up co-operating with the University of Helsinki.

As a company Exove isn’t specialized in building VR apps and this was only our second VR project for a customer. Despite this, the company has invested in the platform and provided my team with resources to explore and develop our competence in this new area.
Back at the stand two researchers from Veijo’s lab have just finished watching the presentation. I ask them how it was and they seem to be really impressed. At that moment I realize that for me, this has been a dream project.

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