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Develop yourself with guilds

Here at Exove we’re blessed to have so many professionals working on our projects. From service design to software development, from front-end to back-end, from Node.js to PHP,  from WordPress to Drupal, we have professionals on every level. Professionals who are experienced and specialized in various fields and that gives us the opportunity to offer the best people for the job every time we get a new project.

But what if our professionals want to develop themselves further in a certain field, or learn something completely new? After all, technology is a rapid developing area and there is always something new on the horizon. We need to adapt to that; to stand still is to go backwards. That is why we introduced guilds.


Guilds originate from the Middle Ages, where people shared their expertise with their fellow guild members and delivered a high quality of work. Skills were traded among guild members and passed down from generation to generation. Guilds served an important role in society as well: they took care of their fellow guild members in case of sickness and they controlled working hours and condition of work. Some members even rose so high up in society that they were exempt from paying high taxes to their lord or kings. There were many different guilds: a weavers guild, a painters guild, a bakers guild and many more. If you wanted to specialize in either of those crafts you could join the corresponding guild.

Back to modern times and how this applies to Exove. We believe in the idea of guilds, a place where you can learn or improve a certain skill you’re interested in. And while our guilds don’t have the social impact from the Middle Ages (we can’t exempt you from paying taxes, sorry), they do offer a place for people with the same interests to meet, share their knowledge and learn something new. Are you interested in specializing in WordPress? Join the WordPress guild. Maybe you would like to know more about UX? The UX guild is there for you. The guilds aren’t just for developers either, we also have a Sales Support Guild or a Communications Guild for example. Within each guild there are various professionals who are more than willing to share their expertise with their colleagues. Each guild is self-organized and they decide themselves on which goals they are trying to achieve.

Everyone at Exove is free to join any guild they want, and you can join more than one guild as well. If you want to dive into something that doesn’t have a guild yet then you are free to start this guild yourself. Guilds aren’t just to develop yourself, they are also a great place to ask for advice. You are preparing an offer for a new prospect and don’t know which commerce solution fits best? Just drop a message to the Commerce Guild and they give you their expert opinion, even if you’re not a member of the guild yourself.

Guilds are a great way for people to develop themselves and become a better professional. Guilds are also providing a central place for knowledge about a certain technology or skill, so that we as Exove can always offer the best solutions with the best people.


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