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A first-timer’s view: DrupalCamp Helsinki

Even if I have been doing software development for a couple years, I never had the chance to participate in an open source camp. My experience this far has been limited to watching some keynote videos but never seeing one live.

I was not sure what to expect of DrupalCamp Helsinki, but fortunately the event organization was perfect and it started without problems. We had nice conference rooms, nice seats and sound.

The camp started with a bit of history, how everything has evolved in the IT area, how companies and products have been evolving and changing. We learned about the activeness and importance of the Drupal community in Finland and the northern countries of Europe, and the way they contribute to make an open source framework a better product every day.

We saw also how open source technologies are used by the Helsinki administration, this area was really interesting because it’s really hard to find a government with this commitment to open technologies and providing free access to the information via public APIs.

We had the chance to count with some of the most active developers of the community, and to hear from them how they work and manage their workflow.

In the technical conferences we learned how to create an API for a headless Drupal, very easy to follow and well explained by Alberto Garcia-Viu. We also heard a very interesting tech talk about Drupal 8, Symfony and content management by Jani Tarvainen, again everything well explained. This makes you feel lucky to have them as team mates.

The last tech talk was related to the frontend frameworks (JS), based mainly on ReactJS, it was hosted by Mikko Forsström, who made it very funny and interesting, also providing a code sample, which is available at the event channels.

In my opinion the event was great and the conferences very useful and interesting – in all a very enjoyable experience.

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