Exove at eZ Conference & Awards in New York

eZ Conference & Awards 2015 takes place on November 3rd to 5th in Brooklyn, New York. The speaker line up is very interesting, including topics from technical business driven. Our CEO Janne Kalliola will take a look at open source projects from the inside, by talking about Virtual Barnraising - How Open Source Makes People Better

Technology Does Not Matter

I've had the privilege of attending some great events this year: WordCamp, PHP / eZ Publish Summer Camp and finally DrupalCon. These were all great experiences for a professional working with Web Content Management, but the most food for thought came from a much more modest event: A two hour breakfast seminar titled "The right content for the right context".

The three larger events focused on specific Content Management Systems:

Drupal at Our Core

Exove - Drupal at Our Core - DrupalCon Barcelona

There has been a radical shift in how enterprises want to use Drupal. Their focus is moving from sites to integrated services., and this change is typically accompanied with a set of new technologies, such as MongoDB and Node.js. Still, the role of Drupal has become more central than ever. How?

Learning by doing in workshops, discussions and online interaction

Learning by doing at PHP Summercamp 2015

I had the privilege of visiting the combined event for PHP and eZ Publish developers. The events are called PHP Summer Camp and eZ Publish Summer Camp respectively.

Both events are held in the same location and are blended together. This year the event was held in Rovinj, Croatia - the home country of the company Netgen, an active member of both Symfony and eZ Communities. And the driving force behind the Summer Camps.

Organising DrupalCamp Baltics 2015

Exove's booth in DrupalCamp Baltics 2015

This year's DrupalCamp Baltics was held yesterday in Tallinn, Estonia. Exove had the opportunity to be both a co-organiser and gold sponsor for the camp, and I was part of the organising committee.

Planning started already early this year when the leaders of Estonian Drupal companies - me from Exove, Ivo Nellis from Fenomen, and Merle Randlepp from Wunderkraut - got together to discuss the date and the location of the camp. We soon invited also Toomas Pippar from Mild Creative to work on the brand and visuals for the camp - and thanks to Toomas, the camp was top-notch visually.

Drupal Café: Why Finnish Scouts Selected Drupal as a CMS

Arttu Tanner from Scouts and Guides of Finland explains why they selected Drupal

The Finnish Scouts - or officially The Scouts and Guides of Finland - have been using Drupal for several years. We invited Arttu Tanner from the Scouts to give a Drupal Café session of the reasons and benefits of choosing Drupal.

The Scouts have been using Drupal for both their big events, such as jamborees, and also for their site. Flip through the slides on our slideshare channel or below to learn more.

Why does eZ embrace Symfony?

Sarah Khalil from SensioLabs talking in eZ + Symfony event sponsored by eZ Systems and organised by Exove

Sarah Khalil from SensioLabs talking in eZ + Symfony event in Helsinki in June. Photo by Vuokko Rekonen.

This is a guest blog entry by Bertrand Maugain from eZ Systems.

Last week was an interesting week for eZ in Scandinavia. We arranged two PHP & Symfony meetups in Oslo and Helsinki in collaboration with our local partners. Exove was joining forces for the Helsinki meetup and it was great to see so many people joining.

Sparrauskumppaneita tarjottiin Oulussa

Photo by JenniKate Wallace -

Oman yrityksen verkkopalvelujen kehittäminen on aikaa vievää ja haastavaa. Yleensä siihen on myös liian vähän aikaa. Tarjosimme ainutlaatuisen tilaisuuden tunnin ajan sparrata omaa verkkopalveluaan ammattilaisten kanssa.

Järjestimme Oulussa 28.5.2015 tilaisuuden alueen yrityksille, jonne sai tunniksi tulla juttelemaan ja testaamaan ideaansa. Aiheita ei ollut rajattu, vaan tunnin sai käyttää täysin vapaasti omien ideoiden esittelyyn ja arviointiin.

Attending WordCamp Finland May 8th

Exove staff at WordCamp Finland 2015 in Tampere - Exove was gold sponsor

Exove Sponsored WordCamp Finland - an event that gathered the Finnish WordPress community at the heart of Tampere on May 8th. We had a group of five people attending the event.

During the day we had the chance to attend presentations and have some interesting discussions about WordPress and web development as a whole. The most notable topics being WordPress specific hosting services, the upcoming REST API, multilingual multisite installations, Security and WordPress as an eCommerce Platform.

Using WordPress as a Framework - Slides

Marco Martins talks at Exove WordPress Café about using WordPress as a framework

We had yet again an excellent WordPress Café yesterday. Marco Martins from H1 presented how to use WordPress as an application development framework besides blogging and content management.

The discussion on the topic was lively, as usual, and a lot of people felt that they learned something new in the meeting. It was also good to see old and new faces and network among other WordPress developers and users.

We have now uploaded the slidedeck to our SlideShare channel. They can be flipped through also here:

Why Open Source?

Janne Kalliola speaking about open source and communities in ICT Expo Helsinki

We work extensively with open technologies, such as Drupal, WordPress, Node.js, Symfony, etc. We truly believe that open source is the best way for us to serve our customers, as it combines excellent quality, fast innovation, lower costs, and possibilities to tinker with the platform.

I've recently been fortunate enough to be invited to talk about open source goodness in various events. Yesterday I was in ICT Expo in Helsinki presenting my thoughts of why and how open source works better than closed systems.

Drupal Cafe Slides Available

Kalle Varisvirta talks about accelerating headless Drupal with Node.js in Drupal Café

We had again an excellent Drupal Café on Tuesday. Our Technology Director Kalle Varisvirta presented how one can accelerate Drupal performance with Node.js and MongoDB. The keynote was followed by a lively discussion about Drupal, Node, Angular and React.

The slides of Kalle's keynote are available on our Slideshare channel and also embedded in this entry.

Raymond Wins Three Awards in GrandOne and Edit

Exove Design & Raymonds Wins Three Design Awards from GrandOne and Edit

Raymond, the customer magazine published by RAY – Finland's Slot Machine Association – has been awarded with three prices in two competitions late yesterday evening. won The Digital Solution of the Year and The Article of the Year in Customer Magazine in Edit, and The Best Design in Grand One 2015.

Slides from Our DrupalCamp 2015 Sessions

Exove's Technology Director Kalle Varisvirta talks about Drupal and Node.js in DrupalCamp London 2015

DrupalCamp London was last weekend, and as usual, it was big, diverse, and truly global event. With almost 600 participants, it is the biggest DrupalCamp in Europe and among the biggest in the world.

Our CEO Janne Kalliola and Technology Director Kalle Varisvirta had the pleasure of presenting a session in the camp. We have uploaded the slides to our Slideshare channel and they can be viewed also in this blog post.

The Strength in Numbers

Exove - Strength in numbers to select the best open technology tool for each case

Yesterday I was reading LinkedIn when someone asked what would be the best platform for an online store? The first few answers to the question were to be expected when different people started offering their companies Number One Product™.

Before joining Exove I had worked in companies where there were only a few developers. This usually leads to the situation where you can only master one product.

But what if the customer has specifics needs? Are you able to fit your square product through a circular hole?