Is Open Source Software Secure?

Open Source Security

Thoughts about open source software security on Data Privacy Day

Today January 28th is the international Data Privacy Day. Inspired by the celebration we wrote an article to have a retrospection on some of year 2014’s most important computer security events and what we can conclude from them.

Year 2014 in HR Nutshell

View from Exove's office in Helsinki in early January 2015

As many other people around new year I am cleaning up my endless list of to-dos. I do the closing of the year always in the same way; taking my little black notebook and checking all the year's to-do lists to check if there has been something worth revisiting or perhaps even replicating. I also check the statistics, how we're grown and what type of people we now have – this is not only a vital part of the planning process but also sort of rewarding on personal level.

Drupal Commerce Slides from Drupal Café

Drupal Café audience listening to Hiski Valli's Drupal Commerce session

We had an excellent Drupal Café on Tuesday. The topic was Drupal Commerce and the keynote was given by our own Hiski Valli. Hiski is a seasoned Drupal Commerce developer and he gave a very good tutorial of Drupal Commerce building blocks. The discussion after the keynote was also lively with a lot of questions.

Hiski's slides can be found on our Slideshare channel and they have also been embedded in this entry.

E-commerce in Action Seminar, Slides

E-commerce in Action Seminar, Drupal Commerce explained

We had today a packed house in our E-commerce in Action Seminar. And no wonder, the sessions were of very high quality - as one could expect from these speakers: Frédéric Plais and Robert Douglass from Commerce Guys, Jacob Segercrantz from Suomen Maksuturva, Brian Mak from Wauwaa, and Topias Dean from Exove Design.

Concrete5 Cafe Slides Available

Antti Hukkanen, Mainio Tech talking about concrete5 from developer perspective

We hosted the second Concrete5 café yesterday. Antti Hukkanen from Mainio Tech gave the keynote about concrete5 from developer perspective. The presentation sparked lively discussion - a lot of good questions were asked and even better answers were given.

Antti also uploaded his slides to Slideshare, and they can be viewed also in this entry.

Protecting Our Customers with Open Source

Open source security updates, Drupal and Poodle

The past week has marked a pronounced peak in our maintenance operations: on Wednesday, we woke up to what immediately seemed like an unscheduled server maintenance day to patch the POODLE SSL/TLS vulnerability. Despite the overall moderate threat level, we quickly concluded to issue an extra server maintenance cycle since the vulnerability carries a considerable confidentiality impact and we know our customers are very meticulous with privacy.

Drupal Cafe - DrupalCon Amsterdam Slides Available

Lauri Eskola talks about DrupalCon Amsterdam at Drupal Cafe Helsinki at Exove office

Yesterday's Drupal Cafe had an excellent session and discussion about DrupalCon Amsterdam, upcoming Drupal events in Helsinki, Turku, and nearby cities, possibilities to give back to the community, and benefits of open source in general.

Lauri Eskola shared the community aspects of DrupalCon in his keynote. The slides can be seen here or on Lauri's site.

Passion, Gratitude & Open Source

WordPress meetup in Exove Tallinn office

"WordPress saved my life". This profound statement striked me and ignited my curiosity to hear more about what the speaker had to share. The passion could be felt in our office in Tallinn during the WordPress meetup which we sponsored last Thursday. It started after usual working hours, and Kaarel Veike, the organizer of the event, was ready to share his insights and experience as a WordPress aficionado.

Django Beatty has joined Exove UK

Django Beatty joins Exove UK

We are thrilled to announce that Django Beatty has joined Exove as our UK Representative.

Django has extensive background working open solutions with some of the biggest digital businesses in the UK. This combined with our extensive experience gained working with the leading customers in the Nordics and Baltics will be a very compelling offering in the UK.

First Ever Agile CXO Held Today

Agile CXO event at Exove on September 2014

Photo by Jussi Markula.

We hosted the very first Agile CXO event today at our office together with Agile Finland. The event collected the agile industry leaders to discuss on relevant topics related to agility and lean way of working. We had people from software companies, design agencies, and customers.

Time for Ice Cream

Trainee program is ending - time for ice cream

Based on the weather summer ended a while ago already, but to follow tradition, we're celebrating the end of the summer today. What could be better way to do it, than to have ice cream?

We are also celebrating the end of an era, as our 2014 Trainees are "graduating" today. As of tomorrow they will be our permanent employees and members of the development teams. Despite of their individual situations with their studies, all of them were able to commit to working at least part time, and thus will be a valuable addition to our ever growing team of professionals. 

On the indispensable value of inquisitiveness

The value of inquisitiveness

Had you been deterred from this article after reading its unnecessarily complex title I would not have blamed you. But here you are. Perhaps you carried on reading solely because you have some extra time on your hands or maybe you are simply curious and not easily put off. Assuming and hoping for the latter, I believe this post to be relevant since it discusses curiosity, among other things.

More than cleaning the storage

I have been working at Exove for this summer as an office assistant. I study in high school and am interested in communications. I was thrilled when I got the job and even though I had my own expectations, hopes and fears, this job has turned out to be everything I ever wanted!

I have basically very little experience from working life before this, but I am an active member of the students association and act as an editor-in-chief for our school’s newspaper.