Time for Ice Cream

Trainee program is ending - time for ice cream

Based on the weather summer ended a while ago already, but to follow tradition, we're celebrating the end of the summer today. What could be better way to do it, than to have ice cream?

We are also celebrating the end of an era, as our 2014 Trainees are "graduating" today. As of tomorrow they will be our permanent employees and members of the development teams. Despite of their individual situations with their studies, all of them were able to commit to working at least part time, and thus will be a valuable addition to our ever growing team of professionals. 

On the indispensable value of inquisitiveness

The value of inquisitiveness

Had you been deterred from this article after reading its unnecessarily complex title I would not have blamed you. But here you are. Perhaps you carried on reading solely because you have some extra time on your hands or maybe you are simply curious and not easily put off. Assuming and hoping for the latter, I believe this post to be relevant since it discusses curiosity, among other things.

More than cleaning the storage

I have been working at Exove for this summer as an office assistant. I study in high school and am interested in communications. I was thrilled when I got the job and even though I had my own expectations, hopes and fears, this job has turned out to be everything I ever wanted!

I have basically very little experience from working life before this, but I am an active member of the students association and act as an editor-in-chief for our school’s newspaper. 

Trainee Experiences

Project management trainee

It's been a few weeks now since I started as a project management trainee at Exove and I'm starting to learn the ropes. Hence it might be suitable to share a few words about the application process and the experience thus far, especially since I'm the only non-developer trainee and might have a slightly different perspective.

Exove Summer Day 2014

Exove staff has a summer day workshop before activities

We had our annual summer day yesterday, and as usual, had loads of fun.

The day started with an all hands on deck meeting in which we discussed about our values. We created a big set of protovalues in teams and will continue to discuss these in smaller groups during the summer. The image above shows around half of our people, we didn't have wide enough lens to get everyone in the picture.

Welcoming Trainees

Welcoming trainees to a leading open source design and development company Exove

With hours, days and weeks of challenging selection process, we’ve finally reached a point, where we have selected all our Trainees to our Helsinki office. Last of the Trainees started the day before yesterday and we are ready with the Program launch as soon as Tallinn recruitment is finalized. 

This year we received altogether over 200 applications from talented candidates, of which we interviewed approximately 30%. As there are a limited number of places in the program, only one candidate out of ten interviewed got in. 

Perfect Web Project Seminar Slides

We hosted yesterday an excellent seminar on what are the ingredients for a perfect web project together with North Patrol and Prominda. Besides excellent presentations, we had lively discussion on the topic.

The slides can be viewed on our Slideshare channel or directly below.

Web Consulting with a Twist

Exove consulting services

We’ve been always proud about the fact we can help our customers in all matters related to web and mobile services. In addition to design & implementation work, we provide also comprehensive set of web consulting services.

Heartbleed bug

It started like a normal Tuesday morning. First thing I did after waking up, was to check my Twitter. After seeing a lot of tweets about OpenSSL, I had to dig deeper. At first glance, it seemed like the worst thing to hit the web for many years. And it was.

OpenSSL was leaking its memory contents. The programmer had missed one size check when writing the heartbeat implementation. But it was bad. All traffic , usernames and passwords and even server private keys are in that particular memory.

Drupal 8 - What to learn from Symfony, slides

We had a very good Drupal Café yesterday. Joonas Iivonen, a senior developer at Exove, gave an excellent presentation about the Symfony components in Drupal 8. The focus was on what a Drupal developer needs to learn from Symfony to be productive with Drupal 8.

The slides can be found at our Slideshare channel and also below.

Selecting Future Talents

Due to my other responsibilities and full trust in our organization, I rarely participate in recruitment interviews. Regarding this year's Trainees we made an exception, and I've participated in the interviews of our future Project Management Trainees. There is a reason why, and I thought I'd share it with you. 

As a general rule, we believe in skill testing. Of course previous background in the field and interviews play a very significant role in recruitment decision-making, but we also want to know more about the way the person works, how they solve problems etc. 

Drupal Café: Drupal 8 - What to Learn from Symfony2

Drupal Café: Drupal 8 & Symfony2

The next Drupal Café on Tuesday April 8th will be interesting one. Joonas Iivonen, one of our senior developers, will discuss about which parts of Symfony2 one needs to master in order to be productive with Drupal 8.

The topic is more and more relevant as the launch of Drupal 8 is coming nearer, and the inside of our loved CMS has changed a lot.

More information and enrollment >

Behind the Scenes – Trainee Program Recruitments

Trainee program update

Trainee Program ads went live a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve received tons of applications and queries about the program. What has pleased me the most is that even the new positions in Project Management and Design have aroused such an interest. I decided that at this point I could share some of the highlights of the past weeks.

Exove Trainee Program 2014 – stay tuned!

Trainee program 2014

Spring is the time for job searching, at least for students applying for their internships and summer jobs. We are excited to be able to arrange the Exove Trainee Program for the second time and provide a chance for a couple of talented students to start their career.

Why We Organise Drupal and WordPress Cafés

Drupal Café banner

We have been organising Drupal and WordPress Cafés about half a year now, and we have received good feedback about them from the participants and speakers.

We believe in openness and the power of communication, and the cafés are a perfect way to empower local open source communities with openness and communication. We provide space and drinks, handle invitations, and secure speakers - the community handles the rest by coming to the event, discussing, and networking.

Avaamme toimiston Ouluun

Exove avaa toimiston Oulussa

Uskomme uusille toimijoille olevan kysyntää Pohjois-Suomessa ja avaamme toimiston Ouluun.

"Oulu on selkeästi kiinnostavin kaupunki meille Suomessa. Laajentumispäätöksen sinetöi sekä oululaisten ohjelmoijien erittäin hyvä tekninen osaaminen että seudun vahva yrityspohja. Lisäksi meillä on ollut jo pitempään erinomaista yhteistyötä paikallisten toimijoiden, kuten Mainonnan Työmaan ja Siberian, kanssa. Tämä oli myös iso tekijä päätöksenteossa.", toimitusjohtajamme Janne Kalliola toteaa.