Share your interests; get to know your colleagues

Knitting Club

At workplaces, people spend so much time together discussing about business related topics, projects and technologies. And that is great, since those are the topics we do care about and we are good at. It’s our job and daily life. For many of us, it’s part of the life outside the office as well. Still too often, we see each other only as co-workers, employees and supervisors, which makes it hard to get to know the persons behind their titles and positions.

Developer’s solution to building a better customer experience

the lounge

Building a good customer relationship can be tricky sometimes and it has many factors. What matters is the transparency and the trust. Being transparent, having a freely flowing discussion with all matters concerned helps build trust. Transparency means sharing also the fears and risks of the project.

I heard an inspiring keynote from Imre Gmelig Meijling at DrupalCamp Helsinki recently. Among other things, he spoke about creating good customer experience with Drupal projects through transparency, caring and good communication.

Viestintää keinotodellisuudessa - elämys joka täytyy kokea!

Virtual reality

On kaunis kesäpäivä ja kävelen jylhissä maisemissa Yosemiten luonnonpuistossa. Patikkaseuranani on presidentti Obama perheineen. Maisemat ovat henkeäsalpaavat, ja vuoristopurojen solina sekoittuu lintujen lauluun.  

Astun sisään noin neliön kokoiseen häkkiin. Ovi kolahtaa kiinni takanani. Säpsähdän ääntä ja käännyn katsomaan. Minut on suljettu terroristiryhmän vangiksi, ja mahdun tuskin kääntymään pienessä kopissani. Suljetun paikan kammo valtaa mieleni. 

Recipe for a Nice Summer at the Office

We are close to the end of our trainee period and want to share some of our thoughts and experiences from our summer that we spent as trainees at Exove. Summer at the office doesn’t sound too tempting but it turned out to be time well spent.

We're a DrupalCamp Helsinki sponsor

We are excited about the upcoming DrupalCamp Helsinki 2016. This year we are a gold sponsor among five other companies. DrupalCamp Helsinki will be organised on August 26-27.

In addition to the sponsorship, we also have two speakers at DrupalCamp:

Anastasios Daskalopoulos: QA in the Development Process 

An escapade abroad - and why it's good to come back

Once upon a time I was a student looking for a nice summer job. I noticed there was an opening for a front-end trainee in Exove. I applied, got in and had a great challenging and educating summer as a trainee. Later on I had an opportunity to continue as permanent employee. I was about to start my last year in the university and my career seemed to be already skyrocketing.

Exove Ten Years

Exove Ten Years Anniversary Party

We are ten years old! Time flies when you're having fun. We had our ten year birthday party in Korjaamo in Helsinki on Friday and as I've now recovered from the festivities, I'll share a few notes of our short and intense history as a company.

Back in 2006, I, Thomas Enholm and Petteri Koponen got together and discussed about founding a web consulting company that would focus on implementing complex and versatile web applications. It was web 2.0 craze then and we were in that bandwagon, too.

What does full digitalization really mean?

Digitalization is the path an increasing number of traditional businesses are taking these days. But nobody really defines what it means. Usually it means that some, even most of the processes are moved from the physical world to the digital one. Some parts of customer interaction, for instance, are moved online.

Plan & communicate - a successful community event

This spring I had a chance to be a part of the WordCamp Finland 2016 organising team. I was the last one to join the team, and some of the planning was already in a good progress when I started. My responsibility area was communications and marketing. Based on my recent experience, I am sharing a couple of thoughts on how to succeed in organising a good community event.

Top picks from DrupalCamp Turku 2016

When it comes to versatility and popularity, Drupal is often the obvious CMS choice. Like all CMS solutions it has its issues but also a lot going for it.  This is my second DrupalCamp and I think the topics of the presentations look quite representative of what Drupal is about and what challenges it poses to professionals delivering solutions to customers. 

Wordpress Café coming to Estonia

Exove is proud to announce that we are expanding our WordPress Café to Estonia! On 21 April our Tallinn office will open its doors for the first session. WordPress Café is a free event for everyone interested in WordPress.


Viking Motors case study, Tauno Hanni, development director at OKIA

Koodia ja laatua Oulusta

Koodia Suomesta Oulun meetup tammikuussa 2016

Koodia Suomesta -kampanjan pohjalta kokoontui yrityksiä yhteen Oulussa jo toisen kerran. Tammikuun pakkasesta huolimatta tapahtuma veti Exoven tiloihin mukavasti väkeä ja vaikka tapahtuman istumajärjestys toi rennon keskustelutilaisuuden sijasta mieleen koulunpenkit, oli tapahtuman anti mielenkiintoista ja keskustelua riitti pitkälle tapahtumalle varatun kahden tunnin jälkeenkin.

My Journey from a Trainee to a Developer

I started at Exove in May 2015 as a part of the annual Trainee Program. I want to share my thoughts about how it all worked out for me.

Having had some prior experience with web development I came in expecting to be using just the same old technologies and to maybe have a somewhat boring summer. I was mistaken, within my first weeks I was working with technologies that I had only studied but never really had the opportunity to use. My coworkers have always been good for a laugh and if my summer was one thing it was not boring!

Everyday Open Source & Drupal 8 for Frontend

Otso Kivekäs from Codento gives a keynote presentation in DrupalCamp Finland 2015

Otso Kivekäs from Codento gives a keynote presentation in DrupalCamp Finland 2015.

I didn’t know what to expect from DrupalCamp 2015, other than what I had been able to pry out of my workmates beforehand. Those explanations were also pretty vague “you go there and you listen to a bunch of guys”. However, the explanations turned out to be more accurate than I expected. Still, the event gave me a couple of new thoughts that I’d like to share. Here’s a couple of points from a front-end developer’s perspective.

Celebr8D8 and DrupalCamp Helsinki

Drupal 8 release party in Helsinki in November 2015

Drupal 8 content management system was relased last month. The release had been awaited, and was celebrated in 207 parties around the world. One of the parties was in Helsinki. It was inspiring to see a great number of Drupal developers and users from different companies in Finland come together, share thoughts on Drupal and celebrate the release.