Using the Green IT maturity model, a company/organization can assess the level of responsibility in its practices related to information technology and software. The operational models of IT are evaluated from the perspectives of energy efficiency, low emissions, circular economy, and overall sustainable responsibility. The maturity model enhances understanding of Green IT and its effects, laying the foundation for the company’s transformation towards more sustainable IT, cost savings, without forgetting other business-driven goals.

Let us help you with the following:

To increase understanding of the opportunities and impacts of Green IT.

To unite different units within the organization and decision-makers to look at and work towards common goals.

To concretize sustainability objectives into easily approachable practical tasks and areas of influence.

To create a shared plan and monitoring process towards a more responsible IT for the company (based on KPIs or OKRs for sustainability objectives).

To transform the company’s actions and acquisitions related to information technology and software into more responsible and environmentally friendly practices.

Benefits of the maturity model?

The maturity model enables taking responsibility for the environmental impacts of a company’s IT actively by identifying and describing the best green practices. It all starts with increasing understanding and internalizing suitable practices, after which the necessary changes can be seamlessly integrated into the company’s processes.

Many companies have sustainability goals, and addressing them in the realm of information technology may seem challenging. The maturity model addresses this issue and facilitates swift actions that conserve nature, energy, and costs. Additionally, the model helps enhance operational efficiency by combining core functions, top management support, and independent development.

Who does the maturity model serve?

For companies that have set or are in the process of setting sustainability goals.

For companies lacking the necessary understanding and dialogue regarding responsible IT across various functions.

For companies wanting to turn words into actions and create a systematic roadmap towards Green IT.

How is this implemented with the help of Exove?

The maturity assessment framework we have developed comprehensively covers Green IT. In the assessment, we go through 41 metrics, each with four different maturity levels. The model encompasses areas such as green code, platform services, telecommunications, energy consumption, IT devices, recycling, administration, reporting, and carbon neutrality.

We evaluate your company’s Green IT maturity through interviews, typically involving the sustainability manager, IT director, and the person(s) responsible for the company’s IT. During the interviews, we collectively assess the fulfillment of criteria, and participants receive valuable feedback for improving their operations. Following the interviews, we provide an analysis and recommendations, which are then discussed with the company’s representatives. Based on the analysis, a roadmap can be developed for the company.

Price 5000€ + vat.

Alongside the assessment, it is possible to conduct a materiality analysis (2000€+vat), examining the significance and impact of the metrics in relation to each other and the company’s business.

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