Green IT and green code have been widely discussed in Finland over the past couple of years. Several software companies have started to discuss green coding. Finnish Information Society Development Centre Tieke has initiated the Green ICT project and ecosystem to promote these efforts

But, nobody has yet defined what green code or eco-efficient systems are. Everyone looks at the issue from their own perspective, and everyone in the conversation is partly still talking past each other. This is why there was a place for the Green Code book.

The purpose of the book is not to unequivocally define green code and create a canon. Instead, the idea is to focus on describing patterns to stimulate thinking and presenting various solutions. By using these, anyone working on the matter can analyse their situation and identify the changes they need to make to become more environmentally friendly.

The Green Code book offers insights on the following topics:

Why should code be green?

The energy consumption of software

Raiders of the lost efficiency

Solutions on tackling lost efficiency

Concrete recommendations for the main stakeholders involved in green software development, all the way from software developers to end-users

The Green Code book is also available in Finnish.

Download the Green Code book

This is the second extended edition of the book that now also offers insights into the energy dynamics of AI, data usage, cryptocurrencies and the internet of things (IoT), while highlighting actionable strategies for sustainable growth.