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Trainee Program Recruitment Process

Exove Trainees will be selected during Spring through a standard recruitment process consisting of application screening, interviews, coding test or another skill test, and a second interview. Due to the high volume and tight schedule, we have written some guidance here to explain the recruitment and selection process. 


Exove will post several Trainee positions usually in the beginning of the year, and these positions are available on with different requirements. When applying, please state which Trainee position you are mostly interested in, especially if you meet up with the requirements of all the positions. If you are interested in all of them, mention it also in your application. Send your application & CV to

In your application letter we expect you to provide us the following information:

  1. Why are you interested in joining Exove
  2. What experience you have of the skills required in the position – an example of an own project / school assignment; what was it about and what was your role
  3. Other projects or technology skills you consider relevant for the position
  4. The status of your studies
  5. Your earliest possible starting date
  6. Which position are you mostly interested in
  7. At which Exove office would you like to work

You can include your salary wish if you like, but please note that our Trainee salaries are based on the collective agreement and adjusted with possible previous working experience on similar tasks. Prepare to go through these topics also in the interview.

First round interviews + tests

The first round interviews are held by our HR and the focus is on getting to know you as a person and evaluating your suitability to the program. As the interviews are quite short, please familiarize yourself with the background information available on our website: company, customers, technologies and Trainee Program information. Naturally you can also ask questions during the interview, but we expect our Trainee candidates to already know what they are applying for.

The first round interviews will include a coding test or a similar skill test. The test alone takes about 2 hours, and there are different tests used for different positions.

The selection to second round interviews will be based on the interview and the test alike, as you need to pass both of them.

Second round interviews

As we hope the Trainees to continue after summer as permanent part-time employees, we have a second interview round, where you will meet our Competence Manager and a management team member. In this round, the focus will be more on your capabilities and future wishes.

If you get selected for our Trainee position, HR will be in contact with you to handle practical matters such as job offer, contracts etc.

All candidates will be informed when the decision regarding their application has been made. Based on our estimation this will take place in early April, but you can always ask for the status of your application at

Read more information about the Trainee Program.

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