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Digital Strategy

Take the right path for digitalisation

Digitalization is a mega-trend, which allows forward-looking companies achieve growth and sustainable competitive advantage. At the same time it will disrupt the marketplace and change society in a profound way. Building and executing a digital strategy  is the cornerstone, which results in new and better services for customers, satisfied employees, and growth. We can help you make the right choices and lead the change.

Digital strategy development

We offer digital strategy development services, which uniquely combine service design, digital business understanding, and technology in an efficient and creative process to find the best digital strategy and roadmap for you. Our work is rooted on real-world experience on digital business and solutions, and our clients value results that can be put in practise. Involving your employees and selected clients or customers helps to gain commitment for the executing phase.

Business and technical consulting

In addition to digital strategy, we help our clients with expertise and resources in managing digital projects, product ownership, analytics and lead generationtechnical architecture consultingaudits, and technical due diligence services. Hiring an expert from Exove provides you access to a wealth of skills and knowledge you cannot find in a single person on the job market.

Preparing for EU data protection regulation

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is EU’s regulation that harmonises the principles of handling personal information in the member states and gives new rights to individuals. It provides more rights to individuals, and introduces companies new responsibilities and risks. Deadline for the changes is May, 2018.

We have developed a unique privacy protection audit combining legal and technical expertise to examine how your company’s personal data handling, processes, and IT systems comply with the regulation. Our approach helps you reach compliancy with the new regulation as a whole, and saves you the trouble of translating legal advice into practical actions concerning your technical systems and vendors.

Contact our head of consulting, Mikko Hämäläinen to get started!

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