Posti – Growth through digitalization of services and better customer experience

Exove created in collaboration with Elisa Value a new Digistore service concept and system architecture for the Finnish Posti’s online channels, flagship stores and partner service points. The goals were to increase the amount of self service significantly, improve the service experience, and make service development quicker and more agile.

Digital growth

New digital service enabling growth for Posti

Digitalisation of the service and focus on in-store experience brought growth to the Posti and improved the customer experience.

New Digistore service concept and related system architecture to ease up every day’s work and provide better customer service

The Parcel and Logistics Services unit of Finnish Posti wanted to create a completely new Digistore service concept for online channels, own stores, and partnered service points in Finland and Estonia. The goals were to increase the amount of self service significantly, provide best service experience on the market, make service development quicker and more agile, and lower the maintenance costs of the systems. The project was part of wider digitalization effort at Posti.

Based on the new concept and related system architecture, Posti could proceed with procurement of the new services.

Integrated service design and technical architecture process

We used our integrated service design and technical architecture process, and started the project by acquiring customer understanding through observing and interviewing people at Posti’s service points. In parallel, we investigated and analysed the current service processes and technical systems through interviews and observing the parcel logistics process end-to-end. We also familiarized with the current system documentation.

Equipped with thorough understanding of the current status, we designed a new Digistore service concept, which would bring the service experience onto completely new level, and meet other goals of Posti. We created a prototype to validate the concept with customers, and test the feasibility of the technical implementation.

We then created a system architecture, which would intelligently integrate with older backend systems, and provide a flexible layer upon which it would be easy to build the new services in agile manner.

Exove was responsible for the service design and technical architecture of the Digistore. Elisa Value was responsible for the business processes and leading the project.

New service concept, prototype and architecture design in two months 

In just two months, we and Elisa Value delivered Posti a new Digistore service concept, its prototype, and a well-documented system architecture design, which would enable Posti to proceed with procurement of the new services and systems.

The business team at Posti was pleased with the project results, our versatile team, and way we progressed with the work.

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