Eläkeliitto – Aiming for a bold renewal

Eläkeliitto is Finland’s largest retirement association that looks after the benefits of older people and offers to the retired and the elderly a variety of activities, trainings, trips and events.

Eläkeliitto strives to open communication and make visible the variety of its activities, such as local social activities, courses and vocational training.

An important aspect of Eläkeliitto’s external communication is its website, which Eläkeliitto wished very much to renew.

Website renewal

Clarity & ease of use

The solution made it easy to create and update content for the diverse group of admins – Eläkeliitto members.

The important goals of this renewal were:


A good user experience


Content and services aimed at its target groups


The identification and activation of potential new members


Microsites for local groups & circles



Workshops as an aid to mapping out needs

Exove strove to find solutions for Eläkeliitto’s goals with user-driven design, in which the service’s target user group was interviewed for the comprehension of their actual needs. Regarding these identified needs, intense workshops were done with the various facets of the Eläkeliitto organization for the finding of best possible solutions. These solutions were validated in user testing and were implemented in close cooperation with Eläkeliitto.

All information easily found in one place

The most central functional goals were to create for Eläkeliitto’s various groups and circles their own pages in the same organization. Also, a page dedicated to Lehmiranta, Eläkelitto’s vacation center, has been created with a different layout, with the solution being a so-called multi-site and multi-domain system.


While providing a fresh and new experience, the new service should be at the same time an easy-to-interact, accessible experience. In the design phase, the target group was taken into account and thus we created elements larger than usual, with clear contrasts, and most-uniform page templates.

For the content’s ease-of-finding and cross-linking, different kinds of lift-up elements and page types were created. Maintenance work was made easy by automated topic lift-ups. With the help of a multi-site solution, all content is usable so it is possible for Eläkeliitto to provide the most important information on the different websites of all circles and groups as well as on the Lehmiranta website.

The big picture made one step at a time

Even at the very beginning of the project it was known that updating the content of the numerous circles and groups into a new system would be very time consuming. For this reason, we decided to scale the releases on which the Eläkeliitto and Lehmiranta site would be published for June and the rest for October 2018. Exove trained and assisted Eläkeliitto’s main users in the use of the new system but Eläkeliitto on its own took responsibility for training the users of the circles and groups, which was carried out with the assistance of web courses and local training.

Content management ease with simplicity

The project’s greatest challenge turned out to be making content management easy enough for the service’s target group, and this was closely considered during the project. The circles’ and groups’ website administrators are comprised of Eläkelitto’s members who have a great diversity of experiences in IT and content management systems.


Exove’s solution to this was the limiting of views and the functions’ control panel. In this way, only the most central functions and contents current to the administrator appear to certain administrators. By the cleaning up of irrelevant fields and functions from the control panel are the possibilities of errors made less. Since the content’s upgrade is easy, the creation of content and keeping new web sites up to date is encouraged.

The visible end results

The goals of the project were accomplished and the website renewal was bold. Some surprises could not be averted, but constant cooperation and frequent communication throughout the project brought a solution successful to the end users.

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