Stay on top of your personal data and watch your back with MyBisnode

It all started with GDPR. Data being in the center of Bisnode’s business, the amount of requests for personal data from individuals was expected to surge. We set out to implement a service that would help Bisnode with GDPR compliance and ease the workload of customer service.

Our service designers got really excited about Bisnode’s business and came up with ideas for new customer journeys and business opportunities. Bisnode got excited about the ideas too and as a result, we are continuously developing MyBisnode, a service that grows Bisnode’s consumer as well as b2b digital business.

Bisnode is a company that offers digital business, marketing and credit information in 19 European countries. Bisnode’s expertise is in high quality data and refining big data into smart data to support business decisions.

Self-service channel

Better customer service

The solution is reducing the workload of customer service and bringing value to the users.

MyBisnode created benefit for business with ease of customer service

From the beginning it was clear that we would start with implementing the minimum viable product version of the GDPR platform and continue developing the service from there with a continuous development model. This felt like the natural course, since we already had plenty of ideas as a result of the active service design phase.

When the service was first launched, it made life easier for Bisnode’s customer service. Instead of scraping up information from different sources like a software robot, they can now focus their efforts on more value producing tasks, since MyBisnode self service channel handles the robot duties.

GDPR platform transformed into a digital service channel

Little by little we designed, built and launched more functionalities and MyBisnode formed around what was originally a mere GDPR-service.

In MyBisnode customers can currently:

  • 1

    Get a free report once a year regarding what information is stored about them in specific registers to exercise their GDPR-related rights.
    a. Purchase an extra report if they want more than one report per year

  • 2

    Check who has requested their information to find out if it has been misused.

  • 3

    Manage their rights related to data processing.

  • 4

    Request corrections to their information.

  • 5

    Purchase and set up a voluntary credit block to prevent misuse.

  • 6

    Purchase and set up a monitoring service and get notifications from changes to notice any suspicious activity, caused by identity theft for example.
    a. This service is also available for companies to purchase for protecting their employees.

The self-service channel for personal data reduced the workload of customer service so that they could concentrate on more productive tasks. The voluntary credit block and monitoring services have brought new revenue and we continue to utilize the potential of these services by continuously launching new features.

Data sources and integrations guided the technology choices

We implemented and continue to develop MyBisnode in cooperation with Bisnode’s own development team, since integrating Bisnode’s data sources with MyBisnode is an important part of the architecture. We have implemented the MyBisnode platform with Node.js and the user interface with React. These are efficient and flexible technologies and hence suitable for digital service channels with integrations and features such as login and payment.

Goals reached with mutual trust

We set out to develop MyBisnode through an agile model, iteratively and incrementally, from the start, concentrating our efforts on business priorities. We designed and built the service together, little by little, launching small but completely functional new features, constantly learning.

An open-ended model like this, where details of the end result are defined as we go, usually requires a lot of trust. Thanks to years of successful cooperation, we had plenty of that in stock, and were able to concentrate fully on producing as much value as possible for the customers, the business and the organisation with the resources in use. Another key to success has been the mutual understanding of the importance of prioritising and bold decision making in leading the development.

Cooperation with Exove has been nice and smooth, from Bisnode’s point of view. We have got support and help from the right people whenever we have needed it, whether it’s been about defining customer needs or cooperation with our own developers. Exove has given us insight and also implemented our solutions in practice and into production.

Niko Myller, Director of Operations at Bisnode Finland.

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