Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies

Big Data Analytics tool boosted the research and public relations of The Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies (KVKL)

KVKL – The Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies – took advantage of big data by creating an analytics tool with Exove. KVKL collects unique data about transactions made by real estate agents and construction companies. Their goal is to utilise big data as efficiently as possible. Data is collected to KVKL’s price monitoring service made and maintained by Exove. Based on the data, KVKL publishes press releases monthly about advancement in the business area and prices. Additionally KVKL wants to serve media by giving professional and relevant information.

Data & Analytics

Making things faster and easyer

Utilisation of the data was made easier and faster, which did not only led to powerful reporting but also helped forming press releases.

Data easily for reporting

KVKL commissioned a statistical index model about price development of old apartments, and Exove implemented it into the price monitoring service. KVKL took the model in use right away in its monthly press releases. The statistics tool, combined with the experience KVKL has in real estate industry, works superbly in long-term reporting where same characteristic are calculated and reported repeatedly.

Quick visualisation with Big Data Analytics tool

Media often writes about housing and real estate business, and reporters need specific industry data for their work. Collecting the data by hand from a database can be very time-consuming, so KVKL needed a versatile tool to handle data. For ad hoc data analysis and visualisation, Exove deployed the ElasticSearch data and analytics engine accompanied with the Kibana open source BI tool. The Elastic stack has shown its capabilities in serving media and additionally it has worked well for data quality inspection.

The Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies (KVKL) is a nationwide advocacy and umbrella organisation for companies and associations engaged in the real estate brokerage business in Finland. KVKL looks after the interests of its members and seeks to  influence in order to attain the common goals. KVKL conducts research and gives comments and press releases concerning the brokerage industry that also the media might find interesting.

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