Metsähallitus and Exove start cooperation

Metsähallitus is a state-owned enterprise under the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry managing 12.5 million hectares of state-owned land and water areas. That is a third of Finland’s surface area! Metsähallitus is responsible for all of Finland’s 40 magnificent national parks. It manages nature reserves and hiking areas and promotes their recreational use for the benefit of all Finns.

Metsähallitus selected Gredi Content HUB for its brand and Digital Asset Management solution. Heikki Hepoaho, head of Metsähallitus’ science center tells us why: “There was a need to improve our brand management. We had several different image banks in use. We have a wide range of needs for how we use our digital assets and images. Our requirements for the new solution were strict. We surveyed all the alternative solutions. We put it out to tender. We required a solution that really works and serves our needs.”

According to its new strategy, Metsähallitus cooperation forms are responsible, customer-oriented and digitalized. “The name of our strategy is We are fostering the tomorrow! The big theme is the development of natural values ​​and sustainability over generations. In order to send the same brand message inside and outside the organization we needed common tools with a common look and feel as well as the unified image concept. For us, brand management is a really important unified process with which we produce a strong brand image for Metsähallitus”, Heikki Hepoaho explains.

Metsähallitus rebranding

For the first time Metsähallitus carried out a major rebranding, defining the parent brand and the brand family. “We wanted to involve our staff in the strategy and branding process as we were reconsidering the purpose of our whole existence. It was worth the effort, as the rebranding has been so well received by our customers and staff! We are now in the implementation phase, and Exove’s solution is a great tool for implementing the brand, the visuals and the whole strategy”, says Heikki Hepoaho.

“The relationship of Finns to forest is quite unique and it is so straightforward and practical. A good brand is carried forward by people together – for a long time in the future”, Heikki Hepoaho concludes.

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