Your Co-founder

Exove Ventures invests effort and know-how to early-phase start-ups. We channel the expertise of Exove to design and develop your digital business.

Our Expertise

All Exove’s services and people are at your disposal to make your start-up successful.

How We Invest


We invest only in early stages, as then our impact is the most valuable.


We invest our work and expertise to co-create your services.


We channel the know-how of Exove to help you in all areas of your business.


We are based in Helsinki and our focus is on European start-ups.

Your Move?

Your Business

We are eager to hear more about your business. When pitching to us, please be prepared to present the following: your idea, your team, and a rough business plan with P&L sheet.


To start working with us, please call Janne Kalliola on +358 40 558 1796 or send him a mail at We will need to meet you a couple of times to make our decision, and after that the project can start.

Janne Kalliola

Chief Growth Officer

+358 40 558 1796