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Akseli Erikkilä


Learning is a lifelong mission. Akseli wants to learn something new every day and wants others to learn, too.

At Exove he works as a consultant, focusing on information management and information security. His aim is to have comprehensive view on the whole lifecycle of information. Occasionally, he returns to development when the urge to code gets too big.

Akseli is finishing his studies in Information technology at the Tampere University of Technology. Studies there have given him a wide variety of skills and knowledge which he integrates into his everyday work. He is also doing his Master’s thesis in collaboration with Exove.

During his free time Akseli enjoys competitive gaming, biking and cooking shows. Competitive gaming is an avenue he uses to improve his analytical thinking and strategising skills. These skills he then tries to apply to his work. To ease his workaholic nature, he relaxes with bike rides and by learning to cook.

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