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Open Technologies

Exove uses open technologies software as means to solve various business needs. Some of the software is visible to the client or end user, some are just improving the user experience.

Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal or WordPress are good examples of visible systems, providing the actual web page. The web server-related software such as Nginx and caching tools such as Varnish and SOLR are good examples of invisible tools that are the key to build fast responding and end user friendly web applications.

The benefits of choosing open technologies over proprietary software are various. The most commonly discussed benefit is the software price – the existing software does not usually cost anything.

We can also extend or even modify it freely to make it fit better to the application requirements. In general it means we can focus on improving existing functionalities instead of building the base functionalities from the scratch.

You may ask: Why should I care? Using open technologies software provides you as our client also more freedom. Think about proprietary software that has been built specifically for you by a specific provider. If you need to develop the application further, you are at the mercy of your existing provider both in term of the price and if they are willing to help in the first place.

Open technologies have arguably also higher quality and are more secure and robust. This does not mean that it would be flawless, but there are more eyes looking for the flaws and more people fixing them.