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Information security

Information security - support for all aspects of your business

  • Organisation’s information is the lifeblood of the business and protecting the information is necessary for continuation of said business.

    Information security is not only built on technical solutions, to succeed, it needs the support of organisational culture and understanding of core business. Information security is not supposed to block your operations, it’s supposed to support every aspect of your business.

    Exove offers services in developing information security operations, implementing information security culture and designing information security in general. This way your enterprise is ready for challenges digitalisation brings.


    Take information security of your business to the next level and contact us!

Our services

  • Information security yearly check-up

    With information security yearly check-up you support the development of your information security operations and get an accurate view on the state of your organisation’s information security, from a technical standpoint to the knowledge level of your employees. Together with your staff, we analyse the state of the security operations and plan targets for next year. This way, we get clear action points for next year to develop your information security further and the continuation of your operations is secured.

  • Developing information security culture through gamification

    Developing the information security culture is a challenge for any organisation, but with correct motivations it can be made easier.. That is why we offer developing information security culture through gamification service which will help you develop effective ways to improve your information security awareness and culture. With Octalysis we can identify different ways to motivate people to comply with your security processes and root them deeper in the normal ways of working.

  • Information security development and maintaining

    Sometimes your own resources are not enough for all the security challenges your business has, so you might need some external help to develop and maintain your security operations. With the help of our security professional your security processes continue to support your business and you are ready to face the challenges digitalisation brings.

  • Security Audits

    Every web application can contain threats to your company’s information and brand and these risks are often missed by developers. With our security audit you make sure your web application has been developed following the best practices and doesn’t contain vulnerabilities that malicious entities might abuse.