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Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra – Concert experience from your own sofa

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1882 and it is therefore the longest continuously operating professional Nordic symphony orchestra. In all of their concerts Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra tries to deepen the outreach of the experience, take into account different groups and allow creativity to be expressed. These were also the core values in HPO’s site renewal process.

High quality user experience and technology

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s objective was to make a complete makeover to their old site. The goal was to make a site that is a high quality service both when it comes to user experience and technology. Especially a lot of attention was paid on promoting concerts and ticket sales – and that it is easy to share experiences in social media. The makeover started with design and UI planning phase. After we knew how the new website should work and feel, we were able to create a site that fit client’s needs.


New web service enables users to peek behind the scenes of a professional orchestra

Our solution was a website that factors in the whole customer journey. It enriches the concert experience by providing relevant information and functionalities before, during and after the concerts and encourages users to share their experiences in social media. Insights gathered during the research phase led us to design everything around interesting content that enables users to peek behind the scenes of a professional orchestra. Another important theme was to promote HPO Screen, live broadcasts that allow users to enjoy HPO’s concerts from the comfort of their couches.



Drupal 7 was selected as a platform early in the beginning. We built a custom Drupal theme to support the layout and implemented it thoroughly. The layout was a mixture of one pager and traditional site structure, which gives the user a great capacity to modify the look of every page with different lift up elements.

Modern and visually appealing

The new site has modern and fresh look and as the client put it: it cannot be even compared to the old one. Besides being visually appealing it is also easy to use.

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