This cookie policy provides information about the cookies used on our websites and should be read in conjunction with Exove Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

A ‘cookie’ is a small text file that can be placed on your computer, mobile or other device, when browsing a website.

What does Exove use cookies for?

Exove uses cookies for the following key purposes:

  • 1

    To measure the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives.

  • 2

    To learn about client preferences so that we can present client with web content and advertising that is relevant to them.

  • 3

    To measure the number of advertising referrals we have received to our websites from other websites.

  • 4

    To produce data on web traffic and client web activity through our website.

The cookies we use are categorized in the following tables:

Necessary cookies:


Preference cookies:

pll_languageExovePreferences1 year

Statistics cookies:

_gaGoogleStatistics2 years
_gatGoogleStatistics1 day
_gidGoogleStatistics1 day
_hjidHotjarStatistics1 year
_pk_refMatomoStatistics6 months
_pk_cvarMatomoStatistics30 minutes
_pk_idMatomoStatistics13 months
_pk_sesMatomoStatistics30 minutes

Marketing cookies:

bcookieLinkedinMarketing2 years
bscookieLinkedinMarketing2 years
GPSYoutubeMarketing1 day
IDEGoogleMarketing1 year
lidcLinkedinMarketing1 day
NIDGoogleMarketing6 months
test_cookieGoogleMarketing1 day
UserMatchHistoryLinkedinMarketing29 days
lisscLinkedinMarketing1 year
_lfaLeadfeederMarketing2 years
frFacebookMarketing3 months

Utility cookies:

VISITOR_INFOR1_LIVEYoutubeUtility179 days

These cookies assist us to make our websites more relevant to you, for instance, by helping us tailor our content and marketing communications. Cookies may be placed on our websites by us or by carefully selected third parties on our behalf, in order to help us to:

  • 1

    track the effectiveness of advertising and online marketing campaigns;

  • 2

    measure referrals from third party sites to our website;

  • 3

    collect data about completed and abandoned site views on our website; and

  • 4

    conduct market research.

We do not use cookies to follow you on any other website than the ones of Exove listed above. Neither do we forward any data to third parties, excluding the partners mentioned below:

Your choice – controlling cookies on your device

Most web browsers implement controls which allow you to delete and choose from which sources you accept cookies.

For information on additional browsers and device types please see or

If you wish to opt-out from Google Analytics tracking and cookies, see Google’s support article on how to do that.

Contacting Us

You may contact us by sending an e-mail to