Support for quitting smoking with Stumppi.fi service

Stumppi.fi is an integrated web project that unites a website with a discussion forum. The discussion forum already enjoyed a huge user base at the time Exove started working.

The goal was to redesign the Stumppi website to increase the efficiency of its message on any platform, unify the products provided by Hengitysliitto, and personalise the experience of each user. The site and the forum serve as information and communication hubs for all topics related to quitting smoking. In addition, there was a need to streamline the information exchange between users and health experts who support them at Hengitysliitto.

For this case our client was Hengitysliitto, the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland, which operates in the non-profit sector. Stumppi is a Hengitysliitto project aimed to help people quit smoking and promote healthy lifestyle.


Simplicity is the new black

High level of accessibility and mobile-first approach were the key features of the delivered website.

Planning for the best experience

We set out to redesign Stumppi by defining keywords for this project that ought to support the Stumppi implementation. The keywords formed a ’trustful’, ’supportive’ and ’fresh’ picture. Using these as a guide we developed design that used a colourful palette with minimal graphics, suggesting simplicity and diversity at the same time. The site had to be easy to use, therefore simpler, intuitive interface choices were made (such as mobile friendly menu and search)

The front page serves as the project hub and is saturated with information delivered in a simple but distinctive design, highlighted by lively colors and icons. For other parts of the site we decided to use simple one-column layouts that would let the attention focus on the main thing — the site’s content.

The forum got a visual and functional refresh too and was tightly integrated with the Stumppi website through solutions such as Single Sign-On and personal quitting counters as signatures.

The lean and mean engine

The project was built to be lean to minimise the effort of the site editors while keeping most of the content (including color choices, icons, logos) changeable by Hengitysliitto. The site is served by WordPress CMS which provides a flexible set of content tools and a UI familiar to many content managers. All the unnecessary parts of the CMS admin interface were removed to prevent confusion and error. The elaborate content architecture also enabled faster development of new features and easier maintenance.

In most of the cases the project employs native CMS features instead of using 3rd party modules. This gives enough flexibility and freedom of integration while providing solid, built-in security.

Interaction at heart

One of the key objectives in the project was to build a lot of interactive functionality available to users. Interactive quizzes were built to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and other useful information designed to motivate quitting. Users can keep a private diary which enforces discipline and helps track smoking habits. Registered users may also design a personal quitting counter that shows off their effort to others.

A flexible tier system on the site and forum softly encourages users to register to get the access to the content and functionalities of the site.

Fit for everyone

Both the site and the forum were redesigned using a mobile-first approach in order to provide the same level of experience and reach its goals on any device, no matter how small. Crisp vector-based graphics ensure highest level of image quality wherever possible.

High level of accessibility was another goal set right from the start. The interface is equipped with labels and descriptions, and the site is optimised for alternative ways of browsing. Content stays legible and accessible in most conditions, and during the project extensive testing was made to make sure it is so.

A happy client

Exove proved itself to be an efficient partner with this project. The goals we set up high, were reached and the process went really lean and smooth. We hope that the users will like all the new things in the Stumppi.fi-service and it will continue to help quit using nicotine products.

Hanna Salminen, Communications Manager, Hengitysliitto

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