Neste – Empowering the global organization to manage content effectively

Neste is a forerunner in oil refining and renewable solutions. Neste offers their customers cleaner traffic solutions and industrial products based on cutting-edge research. We implemented Neste’s new group website using Drupal to serve customers with all devices and in an increasing number of markets.

Client objective

Neste wanted to completely renew its group website’s customer experience to provide better usability and efficiency for the customers and stakeholders.

They wanted to have a high-quality, responsive website, which would support multiple localized sites in several languages.

A key objective was to get a modern and extensible content management system with easy admin tools, which would empower the global organization to manage content effectively.

Website renewal

Usability & efficiency for customers and stakeholders

New serves all kinds of devices with global site & multiple localized sites. Continues development together with the customer keeps it fresh and efficient.


Exove was responsible for the technical implementation of the site, which was done in tight collaboration with dedicated Neste project team and an external design agency. The development started in parallel with the concept design work in an agile fashion, which posed some challenges that were addressed during the project.

Drupal was chosen as the content management system because of its flexibility and extensibility, its capability to serve multiple localized sites and language versions using one platform, and good content management tools for admins.

Key focus areas in the Drupal implementation were reusable content components that allow Neste to visualize the content throughout the site, customized multilingual content management tools where editors can easily reuse global content in local sites, high-quality responsive user interfaces, and fault tolerant replicated cloud hosting and CDN setup.


The project was delivered in schedule and budget, and the new site was piloted first in Netherlands to iron out remaining issues and get feedback from customers and own organization. The whole site was launched two weeks later aligned with the name change of the company.

The new has fresh and modern visual style, and it serves all kinds devices with global site & multiple localized sites.

Feedback from Neste organization has been positive and we continue to develop the site in a continuous manner together with the customer.

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