Nelonen video streaming platform analytics

Sanoma is a leading media company in the Nordic countries that operates in over 10 European countries. They run some of the most well known Finnish TV-channels, magazines, and web services including the Nelonen TV-channel, Helsingin Sanomat, the leading Finnish newspaper, and, a popular video streaming service.

Need for a new open source analytics tool for the video streaming platform

Sanoma and Nelonen Media have been using a proprietary, recently discontinued video analytics solution with their video-streaming platform ( This gave them roughly a year to transition to a new solution that they wished to base on open source and maintain in-house in order to retain full control over the data and the tools to analyze it with. The right choice of solution was evaluated with a prototype.

Analytics tool

Data and analytics into use

Nelonen renewed their video analytics platform with open source solution in order to retain full control over the data and the tools to analyze it with.

Nelonen wanted to try out different strategies to solve the problem of video analytics. Exove and Emblica implemented a prototype using open source components to process the event data from Sanoma analytics collector and produce usable aggregates for analytics purposes. We also proposed the architecture for the actual implementation and helped to evaluate other options.

The prototype was made with Apache Spark for processing real time data, Apache Kudu and Impala to store and provide OLAP-storage for the processed stream of data and Superset for visualizing the results. The described pipeline was implemented on top of Amazon Web Services using EC2 virtual machines.

Fast actions enabled the base for developing the solution and analytics

Results of the prototype were positive and the team decided to continue with our proposal. We are currently developing the full solution together with Nelonen Media and Sanoma Data Platform teams. Additionally, we are building tools for current day-to-day analytics and data science needs.

Due to our current analytics solution being discontinued, we needed to act quickly. The proof of concept designed and implemented by Emblica helped us to select the right direction with reasonable cost and time, and it formed the base of our upcoming solution.

Antti Pyysalo, Director, Online Development at Nelonen

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