Fiskars – Promoting worldwide sales of Finnish design

Fiskars needed to replace a number of country and product line sites implemented in various technologies with one system to reduce content fragmentation and cost. The desired system should be easy to maintain and extend.

Creating integrated environment for all product categories with eZ Publish

We designed and implemented the Fiskars consumer products’ global web platform using the open source eZ Publish Content Management System. The system spans over 30 countries and geographical areas across the globe. We handled the technical execution from template design to system customisation and to deployment. The goal was to create an integrated environment to contain all Fiskars consumer product categories ranging from crafting to gardening. The concept, layouts and Flash elements were created by the Fiskars’ internal marketing team.

Content Management System

Integrated environment for global use

New global web platform enables cost reduction and prevents content fragmentation.

All countries benefit the system

The system was taken into use in a few countries in the beginning and gradually have been extended to all countries. The system has been taken into use by some Fiskars subsidiaries, too.

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