Exove and Eazybreak have worked together since early 2010 and have done several projects from ideation to launching.

System that enables distributing and using the lunch, sports and culture vouchers electronically

Eazybreak offers an alternative way of handling lunch, sports and culture vouchers. Eazybreak needed to have a system that enables distributing and using of the vouchers completely electronically and largely automate the processes related to them for the employers, employees and merchants.

Back-end system with multiple integrations

Exove built the backend of the system that serves the mobile app, desktop and sms use of the service. We have integrated the service with SMS gateway, Suomen Verkkomaksut and Micros cash register system. The backend handles the transaction logic automatically, from invoicing, distributing vouchers to users, tracking the voucher usage and reimbursements to restaurants and other voucher usage locations.

Eazybreak launched the operations with the help of Exove, and further development was gradually transferred to Eazybreak as per the original plan.

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