Why is marketing automation at the top of the brand manager’s worklist?

Marketing automation and efficient brand management increase the return on the euro invested in marketing and sales. It also helps your company to serve your customers with higher quality, faster, and in a more personalized way.

Automation brings first to mind the digitalization of an existing job. We at Exove see that, in addition to making routines easier, automation opens up new opportunities. Here are some thoughts on how to make your own business more effective with marketing automation.

Marketing automation – the benefits:

  • Save time and money. Automate tedious routines and focus on creating new impactful content.

  • Shorten your campaign planning time. Automatic versioning and campaign templates save time in content production. Automatic publishing to different channels will speed up campaign launch.

  • Measure and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. For example, tracking and analyzing newsletters provide information about products and topics that interest your customers. Compare the performance of content versions with automatic reporting and get ideas for further development of your campaigns. And when you publish in many channels, you will reach your customers better.

  • Comprehensively follow all steps of content production. When material is uploaded in one system and commented there, you will have better overall picture of your campaigns. By using campaign planning templates, there is a clear place and time for each part of the campaign.

  • Create roles. Distribute material based on user roles to partners, customers and your company’s employees. With the system, you ensure that the user rights and publication schedules are automatically set to run correctly from one campaign to another.

  • Integrate. Data is automatically updated between background systems. When you work on campaign material, up-to-date product and customer information is available. Your customers will always see the latest product information on your website and on your online store when the information is updated automatically.

  • Duplicate the best campaign templates. You can instantly copy the campaign template to be used as a base of a new campaign. You can take advantage of existing workflows and ensure that all the necessary pieces are in place.

  • Reduce errors. Dynamic templates will ensure that, for example, product brochures or print ads are created in exactly the right format.

Marketing automation is an effective way to add traffic and attract interest to your services. It also improves your brand consistency and timeliness and speeds up your communication.

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