Switching high heels to wool socks

I had put a lot of thought on what I would like to do next. I was sure I wanted to continue working in marketing, since it’s one of my greatest passions, but I needed a change after working in a large corporation for several years. Luckily, I happened to discover a fascinating opportunity to start managing and developing marketing at Exove — and here I am now, celebrating my 1-month anniversary.

Delightful first impressions

Before I joined Exove, I had a chance to participate in Exove’s Helsinki office Christmas party which was held in Suomenlinna. The restaurant was full of people wearing ugly but somehow so endearing Christmas sweaters. I was embraced with hugs and cheerful words. I had many interesting conversations during the evening with this extremely talkative group of people.

As it turned out later, these guys might not usually be as talkative as they were at the party. Luckily our sales & marketing department has Christmas party feeling in their hearts every day.

The warmest welcome

During the first few days at Exove I already experienced how friendly and caring people are. I had a mentor who took care of me and made sure that I had the first meetings booked with the key people of the company, tools and passwords were working and I had someone to have lunch with. Also, my new colleagues had collected a survival kit for me with pens, post its, a water bottle and other vital office accessories. These gestures really made me feel welcome. Later, I’ve noticed that the strong care for each other touches the customers as well.

Employees really have an impact

The other thing I soon noticed when having conversations with the staff members, is that people are really excited and enthusiastic on what they do. I think one of the reasons for this is that employees truly seem to have influence on their work and company. For example, Exove’s values have been created by the employees. For someone who is used to work in a large corporation it feels unbelievable how big of an impact the employees can actually have and how the management sincerely encourages people to express their open thoughts and feelings.

Who has the coolest wool socks?

On my first day, I brought my basic office shoes (a.k.a high heels) with me. Even though I’ve never worked in a company with a strict dress code, I had gotten used to wearing a blazer and high heels. Well, let me just say, that at Exove you are truly allowed to come as you are. Many of the employees walk around the office with wool socks on them. These socks are not just convenient and warm but also pretty darn cool. The CEO of the company wears usually a sweater, jeans and combat boots. Our technology director, in turn, prefers colourful socks with sandals. These people with their casual looks are true professionals despite how informally they are dressed. The next day I had a pair of wool socks with me – and love them!

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