Lappset and Exove To Cooperate

Lappset products are prominent in playgrounds and sports parks in Finland and around the world, and now the company has started cooperation with Exove. Lappset has introduced the digital brand and asset management solution based on Exove solution. Founded in 1970, Lappset is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of playground equipment with sales of EUR 73 million in 2019.

“We needed a flexible and modern service platform that would look like us. We needed an easy way to distribute materials to various stakeholders, including the media, resellers and advertising agencies around the world. The service created by Exove is in line with our brand and responds flexibly to the needs of different user groups,” says Sara Wagner-Prenner of Lappset Marketing. Sara has been responsible for starting and managing the project at Lappset.

The family owned Lappset, based in Rovaniemi, has more than 400 employees and 15 subsidiaries in 9 countries: Finland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, China, France, Sweden, Germany, Estonia and the United States. Lappset’s 60 dealers operate around the world, in 60 different countries.

“Our service is provided in English, as it is to be used across more than 60 countries, from Finland to Australia and the USA. It needs to work for the general public and for a wide variety of users. Gredi’s service met our requirements very well. For us, this is by no means a mere data warehouse! This is an important communication channel. With the modern outlook, the service communicates our innovativeness,” says Sara.

“Warm thanks to Lappset for the trust and the nice start of the collaboration! The service we provide is designed to increase their sales, extensive and diverse brand and digital asset management, for both their internal and external users, throughout the Lappset Group digital ecosystem. Exove’s service, which represents 100% Finnish expertise, is seamlessly integrated with other business systems. It withstands heavy use and grows in accordance with Lappset’s needs and goals in our close cooperation,” says Risto Pasanen, COO, Exove products at Exove.

Lappset’s products are known for four things in particular:

  • Creative design that takes into account users of all ages, such as children and seniors

  • High quality

  • Durability, which guarantees a long service life

  • Responsible design and user safety

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