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Developer Trainee became a Competence Manager

Marc-André Leprohon, Technical Competence Manager and Developer, started working for Exove in 2014 as a Developer Trainee. His career at Exove has been rather interesting and fast-developing, so I asked him to tell his story. This is how it goes.

Marc was at the final stage of his studies in 2014 and applied for Exove Trainee Program. When he first read about the trainee program and got familiar with the company philosophy, he knew this was the job for him.

After the trainee program ended, Marc wasn’t pressured to continue working full-time, quite the opposite: he was encouraged to finish his degree and offered various ways to accommodate both studies and work. The decision of working full-time came from himself and he finished his studies at the same time – he was ready to start his career.

“School was about creating a mind that’s good for solving problems, and looking back to it, it changed a way of thinking,” Marc summarises.

He got to work for various big and small client projects, and was trusted with client communication right from the start. The most important thing he learned was listening to clients and helping them defining their own needs: creating partnerships.

Marc was hired as a front-end developer but through the diversified set of project tasks and technologies he got involved with, he became more of a full-stack developer.”It’s part of the beauty of working at Exove: you get to touch a bit of everything, if you are willing to learn and push yourself,” he says.

Marc’s career has developed from a trainee to a developer and a team lead, and more recently to supervisor to some of his colleagues as a Technical Competence Manager. As a Team lead he got better at listening to people which proved to be a very useful skill in his current role. “I like to put myself outside the comfort zone,” Marc mentions as one of the key factors for his fast career development.

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