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Exove London opened

We have opened our newest office in London. We see the city as one of the major web and mobile hubs in the world, and thus want to bring our expertise to serve the UK market.

We are 60+ people company located in Helsinki, Finland, and Tallinn, Estonia -- and now, of course, in London. We are experts in using open source solutions to create value to our customers and end-users alike. 

To celebrate this event, we have also renewed our web site to better reflect our service portfolio, experience, and the cases we have designed and implemented:

Drupalcamp Estonia 2012

Drupalcamp Estonia 2012 was held yesterday in Tallinn University premises. The local Drupal community was well represented, and the discussion was lively.

We were the organising partner and everything went fluently due to great help from Henri Laupmaa / Community Tools and the university.

We had also a couple presentations. The slides have been uploaded to our slideshare page, and are also available here:

Toomas Pippar: designing Drupalcamp sites

Drupalcamp Estonia on June 14th

Drupalcamp Estonia will be held on June 14th in Tallinn University premises, in Mare building at Uus-Sadama 5.Exove is the organising partner of the event.

Exove will have two presentations at the camp: Toomas Pippar & Hans Govind will describe the process of designing and implementing Drupalcamp sites for Estonian and Finnish camps, and Janne Kalliola compares Drupal to other popular content management systems.

More info can be found at

Drupalcamp Finland 2012 presentations

The annual Drupalcamp Finland was held today, and Saku Sairanen from Exove Design and Janne Kalliola from Exove had presentations among others.

The presentations have now been uploaded to our page and are also available here.

Saku presented how to design mobile first with digital brands, responsive design, and Drupal.

Aamiaisseminaari haastavista Drupal-sivustoista 1.6.2012

Järjestämme aamiaisseminaarin web-palvelujen suunnittelusta ja toteutuksesta Drupalilla perjantaina 1.6.2012 toimitiloissamme HTC:n Pinta-talossa Ruoholahdessa, osoitteessa Tammasaarenkatu 3, Helsinki.

Drupal on eräs maailman nopeimmin kasvavista julkaisujärjestelmistä -- syynä tähän on joustavuus, erinomainen laajennettavuus ja erittäin iso yhteisö. Suomessa Drupal on ollut nosteessa jo muutaman vuoden ja kasvu jatkuu vahvana.

Speaking at Drupalcamp Finland on June 2nd

Janne Kalliola and Saku Sairanen from Exove are speaking at the next Drupalcamp Finland on June 2nd in Yle Iso Paja in Pasila.

Janne’s presentation compares Drupal to other LAMP based content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla!, eZ Publish, and Concrete5.

Saku will talk how brands move to digital and specifically mobile domain, powered with responsive design and Drupal.

More information about the event can be found at

New Drupal module: Menuperformance

Drupal’s menu system does not scale too well. We found this out, again, during a customer project, where we were using Drupal to create a documentation site for a software product. The site has a fair amount of content. With several versions of the software and around 10 language versions of each, there are approximately 100K nodes in the node table. Each node has a menu item.

See how the Menuperformance module can help in situations like this.

Janne Kalliola speaking in Drupal Business Days in Vienna

Exove's CEO Janne Kalliola will be speaking in European Drupal Business Days in Vienna, Austria on May 4th about growing and managing Drupal organisations.

Janne will share his secrets how to build a Drupal vendor company from scratch, and also how to develop expertise to run a Drupal powered business.